My Year in Books 2016

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Hello lovelies. At the beginning of 2016 I started a few challenge and made some goals for myself. This is how I did and I’m pretty proud of myself for reading as much as I have.

You can see my End of the Year Book Survey or check out my Top 16 Books of 2016.


I completed my goal of 90 books and went above and beyond! I honestly wasn’t expecting to read so much this year but I somehow read 43,236 pages! How incredible is that! However, this means I have higher standards for¬†2017.

Once Upon a Book Challenge

This was a challenge I hosted myself. I wanted to read lots of retellings in 2016 and I think I did pretty decent. I read 10¬†retellings (though I thought I had more) and I’m sure I added three times that to my TBR.

Rock My TBR

Ok so I didn’t do so great on this challenge. I wanted to read a total of 24 books that were on my shelf prior to 2016 and I only read 10. Still, I didn’t completely fail right?

Characters A – Z Challenge

Only missing three which is a lot better than I was expecting!

Popsugar Reading Challenge

29/40 books! not too bad!

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