Wanderlust Wednesday: China Edition

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China has always been one of those beautiful places that everyone wants to visit. I feel like it’s because it’s so much different from the US. I’d love to visit it one day!


My arrival day post included some great books set in China like Cinder, Soundless, Eon and Spirit’s Princess. All great sounding books! I haven’t really seen many books that take place in China. I think I’d really love one about Chinese mythology so if that’s something you’ve read about please share!


I don’t think very much of the Chinese food we eat in restaurants is actually authentic. I did a little research and found something called Hot Pot which is basically a big fondue! It sounds yummy to eat plus a lot of fun. I know they also eat a lot of rabbit and duck which I’d be fine with trying but I’ve never been a big fan of dumplings. I think there’s a dish from China that everyone would like!


Can you guys tell that the only movies I watch are Disney? I’m totally ok with it though. Did you guys hear that they’re making alive action Mulan next year-ish? Can’t wait for that! Besides Mulan and Kung Fu Panda there isn’t much that I’ve seen that takes place in China. Has anyone seen the trailer for The Great Wall with Matt Damon in it though? Weird casting choice but the plot looks good!



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