The Thanks U Give – Bloggers I’m Thankful For

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Hello lovelies! I’m very excited to be taking part in this week long feature, The Thanks U Give. It’s hosted by Chasing Faerytales and Stay Bookish and is all about spreading thanks since American Thanksgiving is this week.

I decided that I wanted to thank people. All kinds of people! Some of these people are my friends, others I’m jealous of their talents. Either way I’m extremely thankful for all these people and hope that you all give them a follow!

Bloggers I’m Thankful For

Firstly, I have to thanks Alice @ Alice’s Book Vault for being the little devil that sits on my shoudler. You think she looks sweet but she’s always encouraging me to do more (which is never a bad thing in my opinion). She’s also one third of our little reading group (which we have unofficially called the Litwicks) and shares a Kelley Armstrong obsession with me.

Next, the other third to my buddy reading group, Sarah (@kerosene_lit). I met her during a blog chat one time and we both bonded over the fact that we live only a couple hours away. (When you find bloggers who lives in Canada other Canadians get excited.) We’ve also bonded over Once Upon a Time and really anything to do with fairy tales. She’s always there when I need a buddy to push me out of those dreaded reading slumps!

I also want to shout out to Jamie @ Books and Ladders because she’s just epic and is much smarter at blogging than me so I ‘m always getting ideas from her. She’s also great at books recommendations because I’m fairly certain she’s read just about everything.

Another person I’m thankful for is Ashley @ NoseGraze. She’s a wordpress developer as well as blogger so it’s nice for me to see what she’s doing as a badass wordpress developper who is also in the bloggin community like me. For those who don’t know, I’m a designer and developper too so it’s always nice meeting people who do the same thing as me!

Lastly, my newest blogger friend, Austine @ Novel Knight. We met recently through NaNoWriMo sprints and whatnot and she’s also one of those people who makes my brain think of new and exciting things to blog about. It can be hard to always come up with new ideas but for some reason, reading her posts always helps.


Special shoutout to Sush (@susherevans) who isn’t a blogger but an author friend! She asked me to help run her street team which I think it’s tons of fun and it means I get to read all her books hehe. She’s always great at lending an ear or just sending happy thoughts your way!

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