Book Review: Empath by S. Usher Evans

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Book Review: Empath by S. Usher EvansEmpath by S. Usher Evans
Published by Sun's Golden Ray Publishing
Published On: May 2015
Genres: New Adult, Fantasy
Maturity Level: YA - some sexual content & violence
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Lauren Dailey is in break-up hell.

Stuck between moving on and letting go, she puts on a brave face while crying herself to sleep at night. But when a mysterious voice promises escape from her sadness, she is suddenly transported to a new world. And in this place, the slightest touch pulls her out of her tortured emotions into the mind of another - an empath.

The villagers - sweet Aerona and her mischievous twins, wise Siors, and hunky Cefin - welcome her and the blessings her empath powers bring. But this world is not without its dangers. The Anghenfil, a fire-breathing monster, has haunted the village for decades, and has a taste for empaths. And that mysterious voice promising escape from sadness? It's sounding more like a whisper tinged with smoke and embers.

Can Lauren keep the monsters in the mountain and in her head at bay? Or will she succumb to the darkness like the empath before her...


This book surprised me. In all the best ways. I was expecting an epic fantasy but I wasn’t expecting the story hidden underneath that one. I wasn’t expecting this story to be about someone struggling with their mental health. I think that was my favourite part. There was so much I wasn’t expecting and that made the story so much better to read!

I’m not usually one to read about mental illness or mental disorders. It’s not something I’ve been able to relate to or really enjoyed reading. I could really relate to our main character here though. I wouldn’t say she had any mental disorders but she had a mental barrier she had to get over. She needed to learn who she was without a guy which I think is something a lot of girls have gone through before. I just found that while she was explaining her situation all I could think was “same, girl”. (I actually have that in my notes.) A story is much easier to follow when you share the same feelings as the main character!


I didn’t really have anything wrong with this book. The only difference between a 4 and 5 star for me is personal preference. I loved this book but it didn’t fully blow me away. (Though it came SO close.) This is actually the first book I gave a 4.5 rating but I couldn’t help it!


I would recommend this book especially for those going through a break up. After I finished reading this I had to sit down and think for a minute. It’s a book for those who like to really feel something after they’re done reading.


This was such a great book and I’d highly recommend it to anyone! Especially anyone going through a hard time. It will make you rethink everything about yourself!


“She was overcome with the strong desire to go home, get in her sweatpants, and cry.”

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