Cover Reveal: Tiger’s Watch by Julia Ember

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Today I’m excited to share the cover reveal for TIGER’S WATCH. It’s book one in a new series called Ashes of Gold by Julia Ember. It’s very exciting for a lot of reason but the main one being that the main character is genderfluid which I think will be really interesting to read about. The author has also described it as being darker than her other book (Unicorn Tracks) and it just sounds like a really exciting book in general. I can’t wait to give it a shot!


Sixteen-year-old Tashi has spent their life training as an inhabiter, a soldier who spies and kills using a bonded animal. When the capital falls after a brutal siege, Tashi flees to a remote monastery to hide. But when the invading army turns the monastery into a hospital, Tashi catches the eye of Xian, the regiment’s fearless young commander.

Tashi spies on Xian’s every move. In front of his men, Xian seems dangerous, even sadistic, but Tashi sees a more vulnerable side of the enemy commander – a side that draws them to Xian.

When their spying reveals that everything the inhabiter’s academy taught was a lie, Tashi faces a choice: save their country or the boy they’ve started to love? But while Tashi grapples with the decision, their volatile bonded tiger doesn’t question her allegiances. Katala slaughters Xian’s soldiers, leading the enemy to hunt her. But an inhabiter’s bond to their animal is for life – when Katala dies, so will Tashi.

Character Profile

I’m also really excited to be sharing this character profile for you! This is what Julia has to say about Xian (the love interest):
Name: Xian min Htet
Born: Inlay Lakes
Status: Commander in the Hwang Army.
Sign: Scorpio
Age: 17
Xian comes to Shien as a military commander. Although he is only seventeen, his family’s status as the former imperial house affords him command. Xian is put in charge of choosing a location and then operating a military hospital. He’s a formidable fighter and horseman in his own right and his men respect him despite his age.
When he chooses Tongsang, the monastery where Tashi has hidden, he’s immediately fascinated with Tashi. Having lost his servant in one of the battles, he orders Tashi to work for him, in order to keep an eye on the person who captivates him.
Xian is lean but heavily muscled, often described as agile like a cat. He has dark hair, but light eyes. He has a reputation for brutality and hiding his emotions.
tiger's watch

Cover Reveal


About the Author:

Originally from the Windy City, Julia Ember now resides in Sunny Scotland where she learned to enjoy both haggis and black pudding. She spends her days working as a professional Book Nerd for a large book distribution firm, and her nights writing YA Romantic Fantasy novels.
A world traveller since childhood, Julia has now visited over 60 countries. Her travels inspire the fictional worlds she writes about and she populates those worlds with magic and monsters. 

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