A to Z Challenge: Reflections

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A-to-Z Reflection [2016]

After finishing the A to Z Challenge every year, they encourage us to do a reflections post. I think it’s a great way for newbies to learn how to make the challenge easier and it will hopefully encourage new people to try the challenge next year! Here’s what I thought about the challenge this year:

What I Learned This Year

  • There’s so many other cool blogs that aren’t in your genre
  • People are really creative when thinking up themes. Someone posted cross stitch patterns of Supernatural characters every day. How cool is that?!
  • This year I tried to pick books that people who don’t read much would also know. It helped a lot with traffic and it gave people something to say.

Advice for Newbies

  • Picking a theme makes thinking up new posts 10x easier. I highly recommend it.
  • Schedule your posts ahead of time! I’m done writing mine half way through March and it helps a ton.
  • Don’t give up! I see a lot of people start the challenge and then give up half way through. This is why scheduling your posts is VERY important. Also pick a theme that you CAN schedule posts for. It’ll be worth it to say you’ve completed the challenge.
  • Keep your posts short and sweet. Everyone tries to visit all the blogs if they can but writing a long post makes it so that the whole thing doesn’t get read. We have a lot of post to get through every day so make it easy for everyone.

What I Need to Improve On

Commenting! I tend to visit a lot of blogs but then I forget to leave you all some encouraging comments. I promise I’ll get better for next year guys!!

Biggest Challenge

I think that posting every day is easy. The hardest part is checking out new blogs but it’s something that everyone should be doing! It seems a little unfair for tons of people to visit your blog and see what you’re up to and then you don’t check out any of theirs. It really doesn’t take that much time!

Will I Participate Again Next Year?

Of course! I love doing this challenge! It forced me to think of creative things to post that I might not think of otherwise. I highly recommend this challenge to any blogger out there!

Highlighted Posts

Blog Love

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who visited my blog and posted encouraging comments during the challenge. Every little thing helps!

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5 responses to “A to Z Challenge: Reflections

  1. I super didn’t visit enough blogs during April, but I did try to at least check out everyone who commented on or liked my posts. Now I’m trying to retroactively find cool A to Z posts via the reflections. So… hello!

  2. It’s so true that as long as you keep your posts short and at least outline them ahead of time, you’ll have more time for visiting blogs and leaving comments. I was better at organization this year and hope to be even better next year. Like you, I visited more blogs than I commented on, and I know people who came to my website did the same. Still, looking at the bump in stats every morning was quite a treat!

    Thank you so much for the shout-out to my blog! I really appreciate it. I had fun looking around your site as well. I love the reading challenges you found. The Popsugar one sounds especially intriguing. I may have to try that one (if it’s not too late).

  3. I like your roundup of the A to Z Challenge. You’re right about keeping your post shirt and sweet. There is just so many blogs to get through. Awesome ones as you said. This was my 3rd year and I still struggle to keep up:()

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