A to Z Challenge: Theme Reveal

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For the third (or fourth?) year in a row, I’m participating in the April A to Z Challenge. This challenge takes place in April every year and the goal is to write a post every day (except Sundays) starting with the letter a…then b…them c and etc. There’s a huge list of people who have singed up so it’s basically like one giant blog hop. I’ve met so many cool people and found tons of new blogs to follow. One of the great things is that it’s for all different kind of blogs, not just book blogs, so there’s tons of different posts to see!

Every year there’s always an option to pick a theme for your posts for the months. It’s not mandatory but I find it easier to stick with a certain topic and run with that instead of posting about whatever comes to mind with a certain letter. It’s also really cool seeing what topics other people think of! Some of my favourites from last year included: pictures from Japan, libraries around the world, a choose you own adventure story, and so many more! Last year I wrote all about my favourite paranormal creatures and books that went with them. I loved doing that theme and might come back to it in the future. As for this year, I’ve decided my theme is going to be:

Bookish Fanart

I’ve never been big into fanart until recently. As an artist myself I can really appreciate the effort that goes into some of these pieces! I’m not the kind of artist that can just pull something out of my head like that so props to all of you that can! I’m really excited for this theme this year and I hope you guys are too!

Are any of you guys participating this year? Any first timers? Leave me links to you blog below so I can remember to check them out!


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10 responses to “A to Z Challenge: Theme Reveal

  1. randommusings29

    Great theme, I’ve heard the term fan art and I’m guessing it’s where readers attempt to paint/draw the characters from a book they love? That is only a guess and I look forward to seeing how wrong I am lol

    • Your guess is correct! It’s art made by the fans therefore a lot of characters and scenes are interpreted in lots of different ways. I hope you enjoy 🙂

  2. Stopping by on the A-Z Theme reveal. So excited for April 1st! So many cool blogs out there. This is my 3rd year participating and my theme is Drive Like a Brit, as I study to pass the British driving test. Gail at Making Life An Art

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