Project 52: Twists and Turns

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The topic this week is: Twists and Turns. You can interpret this different ways but I was thinking along the lines of plot twists and this is a series that has tons.  I thought I had it all figured out in the first book but nope! It was the complete opposite. I especially loved that there were two guys but when it was their POV we could never tell which one we were at. It was vague on purpose but still made for a great story. The second book didn’t disappoint either! There were a lot of things happening that I didn’t expect at all and I got worried for my favourites for a little bit.

What are some books that were full of plot twists for you? What about plot twists that went wrong? For me that would be We Were Liars because I found it to be very predictable. The author tried giving us all these twists but I found it to be quite obvious what was happening.


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