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Today I’d like to discuss BookTube with you all. That’s originally why I started blogging! I found some BookTubers that I loved to watch and thought “hey I can do that”. Only not quite because I wanted to blog instead of filming myself. So I started a blog and here I am today! Great story right? Now, since I’ve started my blog, I’ve still been keeping up (sort of) with BookTube only I’ve added blogs into my routine as well. We all have our favourite bloggers we follow but we also have our go to BookTube channels as well! I’m going to list a few of mine below.

Before discussing my favourites, I wanted to discuss something I’ve been noticing more recently on BookTube. It’s something that’s really starting to annoy me and it’s making me drop a lot of BookTube channels from my favourites list. Has anyone else noticed the lack of any review under 4 stars lately? I’m talking about the bigger BookTube channels mostly. They only post 4 and 5 star reviews! I know a lot of people tend to post only their higher reviews but if you really look at them it’s all the popular books. Red Queen, The Young Elites, Passenger, Six of Crows (just to name a few) have all gotten 5 stars from the biggest BookTubers.

When I see these five star ratings I get exciting because they must be fantastic right? I’ve been feeling more and more disappointed each time I read an overhyped book lately. I know, I know, it’s all personal opinion but seriously? All of them? Also a lot of people value their opinions right? So then other people rate it high because they did and so on and so on. You get what I’m saying. It’s all just a big mess of 5 star reviews. I’m not saying some book don’t deserve it, but not ever single popular book.

I’m also noticing a lot of their videos are sponsored by one publishing company or another. Even some recent TAGs are based on one single book! That’s great that publishers are trying to get the word out but it’s one of those times where they look for the most popular BookTubers and just stick with them. Once again, this isn’t all BookTubers. I’ve noticed this only on the bigger, more popular channels and I’ve been watching them less and less because I no longer trust their reviews of “I gave this book five start because it was amazing.” Well that’s great and all but why was it amazing? Because you really were entertained by it or because you were asked to review a book and don’t want to give it a bad rating.

All I’m asking here is for some honesty!

This is why I’m starting to turn away from BookTube and follow more bloggers and GoodReads people. It’s much easier to find the honest reviews there.

With that being said, I do still have some favourite BookTubers that I watch pretty frequently. These are in no particular order.

Zoe from Read by Zoe (readbyzoe)

read by zoe

She’s a favourite because she’s got an upbeat personality and reads the same genres of books that I do. She does less reviews and more fun things like tags, hauls, tbr, etc.

Sanne from Books and Quills (booksandquills)

books and quill

I like watching her because I find she posts really fun ideas for videos and it’s always great seeing what she comes up with next. I also tend to like BookTubers closer to my age because I find it weird sometimes watching 12-15 year olds on YouTube. Anyone else?

Sam from Novels and Nonsense

novels and nonsense

I especially love Sam because she reviews a lot of fantasy books which is my favourite genre so I’m always looking for more. I also find she’s great at backing up why she loves/hates a book.

Raeleen from Padfoot and Prongs (padfootandprongs07)

padfoot and prongs

Raeleen is lots of fun to watch and I like that she reviews popular as well as lesser popular books. She’s great for finding new book to add to your shelves. Also she’s Canadian! Go Canada Go!

Jessica from Priceiswong

price is wong

I like her mostly because of her personality. There’s just something about her that makes me want to watch more.

Heather from Bookables


I like her for her honesty and her personality. She can be pretty funny at times. I find that she reviews books like she’s talking to you and it makes it much nicer to follow along.


That’s my rant for now! Leave your thoughts, comments, questions, and concerns below!


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4 responses to “Discussion: BookTube Reviews & My Favourite BookTubers

  1. I recently decided that BookTubing was the next step to connecting more readers with authors. First I checked out some of the popular Tubers and I follow some of the ones you’ve mentioned. They do have a huge fan base, so must be doing something right. Many I found were US based and teens or just above. The type of people who embrace this new technology easily.
    I’ve yet to recognise any of the books or authors that this set are reviewing, so I’m not really their target audience.
    Also the ones I’ve watched are all reviewing paperback copies, which as you say are coming from sponsored publishers utilising these reviewers in grand marketing fashion. I think that will be influencing some of the review ratings.
    I decided to drag the Rosie Amber review team into this new market place and have started posting short sharp reviews. I’m going with a 90sec review time, I found I had viewer fatigue with the longer videos I have been watching.
    So far I have only reviewed, via videos, books which I have really liked, so I take your point that viewers may also be interested in the ones which weren’t so good.
    I expect viewer analytics play a big part in what gets videoed. It will be a decision taken when looking at the work it takes to make a video against it’s popularity.
    I know one tuber I follow does do a scoop on books which she didn’t like, I expect you need to be quite popular for a controversial video to work. Really great post with some good thoughts.

    • I thought BookTubing seemed fun for a while too but I have recently learned that I just don’t have a place to film these videos. You need lots of light and my apartment doesn’t offer that haha. I also just really like blogging so I might stick with it. But I’m noticing a lot of people switching over and I think it’s great. You seem to have it all figured out too! You kind of have to review the popular stuff to get started so that you get more viewers and then once you have a decent amount you can post more discussion videos and thins like that.
      Basically if a BookTuber actually posts interesting reviews then they’re on my go to list. I hate seeing the same 5 star reviews for every single review they do. If you keep it interesting I think you’ll have no problem getting a good amount of subscribers. 🙂 Good luck!!

  2. I love booktube, but I definitely see what you mean about the same books being rated 4/5 stars all the time. I have a few booktubers that have very similar taste to me in books, so I usually listen to their ratings more, but overall I only ever pick up books if I’m genuinely interested in them. However a lot of the books I read are quite popular. I don’t let booktube cloud my judgment though! If I don’t think a book is worth the hype, I’ll definitely say so 🙂

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