Project 52 – Tea Vs. Coffee

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Bookish Scene: Project 52 is about photography and showcasing books to fit weekly themes. It’s hosted by Word Revel and What Georgie Did.

For me the Tea vs. Coffee is an easy one. I can’t stand the taste of coffee but I love my tea! And not just your typical earl grey either. My favourites are the really fruity herbal teas! I even have a favourite kind for several different brands and shops. I mostly use tea leaves because they taste a lot fresher but I do tend to grab a tea bag in the morning when I have less time. I’m currently working on making a little tea area in my apartment because I have a ton of tea and tea related things to display. It would get a lot of use that’s for sure!

Some of my favourites are: Wild Orange Blossom from Teavana, Guava Cadabra from David’s Tea, and Cranberry Orange from Tetley. I love them all! What are your favourites?

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