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I was tagged by Sarah from KeroseneLit (she’s wonderful go check her out) to give this tag a try. I’m fully prepared for a rush of emotions as I think back on all my favourites. I’m confident this won’t be an easy one!

1. An a unpopular OTP that you ship

falling kingdom

Cleo and Magnus from Falling Kingdoms

I’m only on book two so don’t spoil anything but is it weird that I ship them? It’s only like a small ship right now but I like the possibilities. Also I’m not very deep into this fandom so I don’t know if it’s popular but it doesn’t seem to be.

2. An OTP that you didn’t ship but now you do

the program

Sloane and James from The Program

I was convinced they wouldn’t end up together so I tried not to get attached during the book. Eventually when I made my way to the second book I started really liking them as a couple.

3. Your most hated OTP

shadow and bone

Alina and Mal from Shadow and Bone

I really, really don’t like Mal. He was just never very supportive.

4. An OTP that took way too long to get together


Olivia and Gabriel from Omens

In fact they still aren’t together but there’s still some more books coming out so my hopes are high.

5. Your favourite non-canon OTP

Tigers Curse

Kelsey and Kishan from Tiger’s Curse

Their relationship was really complicated and he goes in a completely different path at the end but I really liked them together. They were adroable.

6. Your favourite BROTP

clockwork angel

Jem and Will from Clockwork Angel

They’re just cute.

7. An OTP you adored in the books but not as much in the movies or tv adaptation

harry potter

Harry and Ginny from Harry Potter

Ginny was always my favorite character in the books and I was so disappointed with her in the movies. It felt like Harry just decided one day to like her and they went from there. It was much cuter in the books.

8. A popular OTP that no matter how hard you tried you just can’t ship it

princess diaries

Mia and Michael from The Princess Diaries

I’m only 5 books into this series but so far I really don’t like Michael. Am I horrible?

9. Your favourite LGBT + OTP

iron kissed

Warren and Kyle from The Mercy Thompson series

They’re just the most hilarious couple ever. And they’re perfect.

10. Your all time favourite OTP


Elena and Clay from Bitten

tied with

Moon Called

Mercy and Adam from Moon Called

I love both couple so much that I couldn’t choose!

That was probably the hardest tag I’ve ever done. There’s so many OTP’s guys! I had to pick only 10 of them!

I Tag:

Everyone who wants to give this a shot! If you’re reading this and are even a little bit interested then I challenge you to try it!


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6 responses to “TAG: OTP Book Tag

  1. I didn’t ship Sloan and James at all in The Program, so I’m glad to hear there’s still hope. XD

    I completely agree about Ginny! I love book Ginny, and she and Harry are probably my first ever OTP.

    I’m actually really surprised that you don’t like Michale from the Princess Diaries series. I’m not sure I’ve heard anyone say that before, haha. I often liked him better than Mia, who could get really obnoxious.

    • I find that Sloane and James were just a little boring so that’s probably why I didn’t like them at first.
      I’m finding Michael to be boring and annoying as well! But I’m only 5 books in so maybe he gets better?

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