Project 52 – Wanderlust

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 Bookish Scene: Project 52 is about photography and showcasing books to fit weekly themes. It’s hosted by Word Revel and What Georgie Did.

Where I’ve Been

I can’t say I have any crazy travel experiences but I have left Canada so that’s a start right? I actually haven’t even traveled around Canada all that much to be honest. I’ve stayed pretty close to home. The trips I have gone on have all been with my family too so I was much younger than I am now and probably don’t remember all the little details. I’ll start I order.

First when I was in about 6th grade, my parents took us on a cruise. We visited Cozumel (Mexico), Grand Caymen, and Jamaica. I don’t remember much of this one because I was so young. I do remember Jamaice being gorgeous though. Cruises are hard because they’re very touristy and it’s to like you’re left to do your own things. You have a time limit before you have to be back on the boat so you can’t go very far. I remember it still being lots of fun though. I went swimming with the stingrays and hung out in the sun all day.

Trip two was when we went to Washington DC while my dad was there for work. That one was cool because we got to go to some museums and visit the White House. We also went to the Six Flags water park which was tons of fun. I’d visit there again for sure.

My last trip was another cruise the year I graduated from high school. I would have been 17 then and we went with family and a bunch of friends. I found it lots more fun going with friends because I didn’t have to worry about my sisters following me around since they had their own friends. I was also older by then so I didn’t always have to tell my parents where I was. We went swimming with stingrays again as well as the Dolphins. Swimming with dolphins isn’t as fun as you’d think because there was only one dolphin and you had to take turns swimming. It was a little disappointing to be honest but the cruise itself was great. I’m looking forward to doing one with my friends in the future.

Where to Next?

It’s always been a dream of mine to visit Europe and more recently Asia. I think visiting places like Japan and Sount Korea would be really cool. Obviously my number one destination would be England which I can thank Harry Potter for. I’d love to try a Mediterranean cruise some day just so I could visit multiple places in one trip. My dad has visited Germany which I’m pretty jealous of and I think I’d like to do a little European tour some day. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Where have you traveled? Where would you like to travel? Let me know below!


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  1. So many great trips! I hope you make it to all the places still on your list.

    I was lucky growing up, because my parents took me on lots of trips. I haven’t traveled in a while, though, and I miss it. I still really want to go to New Zealand and Turkey, and I also want to get back to Europe, especially Germany to practice my German. At this point, though, I think visiting people is more important than going somewhere “cool,” so really I’d like to go anywhere I have friends. 🙂

    • That seems fair! My boyfriends parents went to New Zealand last year and it seemed like a lot of fun. That would be a pretty cool place to visit for sure 🙂 but Europe will forever be my #1 hehe. One day.

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