Once Upon A Book Challenge: Introduction

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This year I decided that in addition to the few challenges I was participating in, I wanted to make my own challenge that was more tailored to me. This is why I picked retellings. I’m sure lots of you have already hoped onto the fairy tale retelling wagon in the last little bit. I personally love reading them so I’ve created a challenge to read as many different ones as I can. This challenge will be a teeny bit different though so read on to find out how it all works.

Who is it open to?

This challenge is open to everyone! If you have a blog or YouTube channel great. If not, then as lonjg as you can read you’re invited. It’ll probably be more fun with a blog so maybe this will be the time to start one!

What’s the challenge?

To read as many retellings as you can! Now I’m only doing fairy tale and legends retellings. For example: Cinderella retellings or Black Beard retellings. Anything that has a fairy tale or story behind it. I’m avoiding mythology because that could be a challenge by itself. Plus there’s a lot more of those and I want to try to read ones that aren’t so popular. Maybe I’ll find a really good book hidden somewhere!

How do I get points?

This is the different part about my challenge. I’m making it point based! Basically I’m having a couple categories (see below) and you award yourself points based on those categories. Here are the categories:

1 point: A reread of any fairy tale or legend retelling. Any reread at all and you get 1 point.

2 points: Any popular retelling topic. Those include: Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast

3 points: The less popular fairy tale retellings(Any fairy tale that’s not in the above list. Example: Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid) or combinations of fairy tales (Example: The School for Good and Evil, Unenchanted).

4 points: A book of actually fairy tales. Example: A Brother’s Grimm collection, a Hans Christen Anderson collection, etc. It can’t just be one story though, you have to read a whole book or that’s cheating.

Wrapping up:

At the end of every month, I’ll be doing a short wrap up about what I’ve read. I’m including mine into my already existing monthly wrap up though and you can too! It doesn’t have to be a dedicated post. The one at the end of the year will be a dedicated post though. At the end of the year you can then grab one of these badges to display on your blog/channel/etc. It’s just a fun way to show the world that you did it!

Courageous Cowboy: You get this badge if you got 7 points or under.
Wondrous Wizard: You get this badge if you got 15-20 points.
Pitiless Pirate: You get this badge if you got 8-14 points.
Kindly King / Quirky Queen: You get this badge if you got over 20 points.

Other Notes:

  • You can use the hashtag #ouabChallenge if you want to. It’ll make it easier to find other participants.
  • I’m  not adding links to this post but if you want to comment to say you’re participating that’s ok!

Good luck everyone! Ask any questions below!



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  1. We’ve already been talking about this, so you know I’m excited. But I just have to say that although I want to get over 20 points, I also want to just get 8-14 points so I can be the Pitiless Pirate.

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