Lunar Chronicles Read Along: Rapunzel Parallels

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I feel like I’m not as familiar with Rapunzel even though that’s my favourite Disney movie. Disney can make things pretty different. So I’m giving this my best shot! Here are the Rapunzel parallels that I noticed while reading:

  • The main one would be her hair. It’s not quite as long as movie Rapunzel but it’s longer than any normal person and she even gets it cut short like movie Rapunzel!
  • So I feel like most people won’t notice this one, but movie Rapunzel never wore shoes and shoes seemed to be a slight issue in this book. Not a huge similarity but it’s there!
  • Cress was locked up in her own version of a tower just like Rapunzel. Unlike Rapunzel though (that we know of), Cress is a super crazy computer hacker. That was fun.
  • Both Cress and Rapunzel manage to escape their towers and then proceed to go on fairly long journeys. Also during these journeys they both manage to find their parents! Then they live happily ever after! Maybe.

I feel like I’m missing quite a bit but these were the only things I could think of! If you have anymore for me too add let me know below!


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  1. kerosenelit

    In the original Grimm story, the prince goes blind from falling into a patch of thorns. In Cress Captain Thorne goes blind. I love how Marissa Meyer included such small details like that. 😀

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