Lunar Chronicles Read Along: Kiss, Kill, Marry

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This is a great idea for a post and I’m glad it was picked as one of our fun post for this month! I’m changing it up a little bit too I think. I’m going to add onto it with other characters from other series too! Just to make it a little more fun for everyone. Also, I’m challenging anyone who wants to do this to give it a try and link back to me somewhere so I can see. Here we go!

Starting with The Lunar Chronicles of course:

Kiss, Kill, Marry: Kai, Wolf, Thorne

Kiss: Thorne, Kill: Wolfe, Marry: Kai

This was a tough one because I knew exactly who I’d marry but wasn’t sure for the other two. I know a few of you will hate me for that.

Moving onto The Grisha trilogy:

Kiss, Kill, Marry: The Darkling, Mal, Nikolai

Kiss: The Darkling, Kill: Mal, Marry: Nikolai

An easy one this time. I know who my favourites are in this trilogy. 🙂

Next, The Remnant Chronicles:

Kiss, Kill, Marry: Rafe, Kaden, The Komizar

Kiss: Rafe, Kill: The Komizar, Marry: Kaden

Another easy one. I didn’t like the Komizar much, but that makes sense really. Kaden is easily my favourite!

And lastly, let’s go with a Harry Potter one.

Kiss, Kill, Marry: Remus, George, Draco

Kiss: George, Kill: Draco, Marry: Remus

This one is tough because even though Draco is horrible, I still like him as a character. I’m going to have to kill him off thought I think!

Who would you guys pick? Let me know below!


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