Discussion: Best (and Worst) Book Cover Makeovers

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As some of you probably know, I’m an artist and graphic designer so I tend to be a lot more critical of things like book covers. This is also why I have a section of my reviews about the cover. A small section, but I throw in my opinion anyways. That’s why I’m showing you some of my favourite, and least favourite, book cover redesigns. Because they aren’t all bad! Unless the publisher switches during the middle of a series. That’s not cool.

Best Cover Makeovers

shatter me

The Shatter Me Trilogy: Easily one of the best cover redesigns and I think everyone can agree with me on this one. Those covers with the eyes are gorgeous! Plus the whole series matches!

anna and the french kiss

Anna and the French Kiss Trilogy: Another great redesign! I especially love how subtle the cover is. The hints of Paris are there while still keeping the focus on the title of the book. Perfect!

throne of glass

Throne of Glass Series: What I love about this one is that the main character is on the cover, but she’s not dressed in a pretty ball gown that has nothing to do with the story! She’s actually wearing something relevant and it’s not a typical pretty dress.


Gone Series: I like how subtle these ones are too. I’m getting bored of the typical people on the cover. This new set still has people but once again the focus is on the title. The only thing I hate about this new set is that I already have half of the old editions!

princess diaries

The Princess Diaries Series: I feel like by now you can all tell what my favourite style is. Simple, clean, and focused on the title. That’s exactly why I love these new covers. Also it actually looks like a diary which I think is really cute.bitten

Women of the Otherworld Series: The old covers were a little boring and didn’t really catch your eye. The newer editions catch your eye for sure! It’s clean and simple while still being relevant to the story! The Cinder covers remind me a lot of these.

Worst Cover Makeovers


Lux Series: Ok so these ones aren’t horrible. They aren’t much of a makeover though. What I hate about these covers is that they starting printing them before all the books were out! Now I have a weird set of books. That’s probably my biggest pet peeve.

Β divergentcity-of-bones

Any movie cover: I like how books are different from their movies and I think that the covers should stay away from them. We can see the actors and actresses on the movie cover if we want but I think that book covers have so much more potential than having the usual people posing on the cover.

Equal Covers (Maybe? I can’t tell)

city-of-bonesΒ City of Bones: I can’t tell which one I like better but I’m slowly leaning towards the first one. I just think the new one is a little boring. What do you think?


The Diviners: This is a tougher one because I really like them both. Both covers have a lot to do with the book and I’m loving that purple! What do you guys think?

Agree? Disagree? More suggestions? Let me know below! I love hearing from you all!


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22 responses to “Discussion: Best (and Worst) Book Cover Makeovers

  1. Getting a book cover right is so important especially when many buyers shop online and see only the thumbnail imprints of a cover as their first eye message. They need to be sharp and grab the attention as well as giving a positive message about the book content. My favourite ones here are Shatter Me and Gone.

    • Yes! Those are great covers. I especially hate when the cover has nothing to do with the book. There’s a badass girl killing zombies on the cover and then in the book she doesn’t kill any zombies. Drives me crazy!

  2. Great great post! I have to agree with you on the movie covers, I hate when publishers do that… it’s like cheating on the original story. Regarding the Lux series, funny enough I read just yesterday that apparently the couple featured on the covers of the first books was on too many covers at that time. So, in order to avoid people from being confused (and because book sellers complained) the publisher came up with this “collector edition”. Let me tell you, I am kinda glad they did, I am not a big fan of the original covers… πŸ™‚

  3. I think the cover of a book is very important. They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but that is nearly impossible to do when that is the first impression of the book. I really dislike movie cover editions of books personally but I think if it gets people to read the book that wouldn’t have without the connection to the movie, it can be a good thing. I do hate how sometimes a series gets a cover redesign in the middle of the series so there are books that don’t match.

    • I agree! If people are reading them more then sure. But if you have a great book cover to begin with I think people will read that a lot more. Also having multiple covers could confuse less intense book worms maybe.

  4. What a great discussion question! I do still use the book covers as a way of deciding on a book. A great cover can definitely push me to buy a book Im not 100% sure of!

  5. The Throne of Glass cover redesign has got to be one of the best decisions ever. The original cover looks like Sarah J. Maas’ face on her own book, hahahaha. I hadn’t seen all these cover changes before, but most of them are a lot better. I’m not sure I like the new cover for Princess Diaries any more than the original, though. It’s still too pink. πŸ˜€

  6. I totally agree with the Shatter Me and Anna and the French Kiss cover changes. SO MUCH BETTER. I also agree that the Lux cover change wasn’t that great, but I think they are better than the old ones. I also thought that the cover changes for the White Hot Kiss series by JLA was pretty horrible.

  7. THANK GOODNESS for the cover changes of Shatter Me, Throne of Glass and Anna and the French Kiss! If it weren’t for their cover changes there wouldn’t probably be a 50% less chance of me reading the books! (unfortunately true).

    Great post! πŸ’“

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