Review: Cast in Silence (Chronicles of Elantra #5)

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Review: Cast in Silence (Chronicles of Elantra #5)Cast in Silence by Michelle Sagara
Series: Chronicles of Elantra #5
Published by Harlequin
Published On: August 2009
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic
4 Stars
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Don't ask. Don't tell. Stay alive.

A member of the elite Hawk force that protects the City of Elantra, Kaylin Neya has sacrificed much to earn the respect of the winged Aerians and immortal Barrani she works alongside. But the mean streets she escaped as a child aren't the ones she's vowed to give her life guarding. Those were much darker…

Kaylin's moved on with her life—and is keeping silent about the shameful things she's done to stay alive. But when the city's oracles warn of brewing unrest in the outer fiefdoms, a mysterious visitor from Kaylin's past casts her under a cloud of suspicion. Thankfully, if she's anything, she's a survivor…


The covers are getting better. The whole city over her head thing is a little weird.

Initial Thoughts

This was a reread. I find it a really difficult series to wrap your head around so rereading it wasn’t a bad idea. I’m also rereading to finish the series since it’s been a few years since I last read one.

My New BFF

I like the main character Kaylin. She’s young and it shows but it’s nice because you get to learn things with her instead of not knowing anything. I’m also finding her really funny and entertaining because she’s pretty sarcastic most of the time. This book focus a lot of her past which only made her better in my eyes. You learn how quickly she’s able to adapt to new situations.

My Crush

I love Severn to death. He wasn’t a huge part of the story this time but I really hope we get to see more of him. He’s always so quiet and mysterious though so we don’t really know all that much about him. I hope he becomes more important in the future books because he’s really a great character.

Writing Style

This book is confusing. I can’t even tell you why. The dialog and wording is all fine and easy to understand but I think the author isn’t very good at explaining her world and concepts. It’s such a complicated world too! Lots of the concepts are difficult to understand too. There’s towers and buildings that are actually alive with magic! It’s a really unique concept but I wish the author could have explained better.

Closing Thoughts

I’m really interested in this series. Maybe it’s because of the fact that I don’t understand it that I want to know more. Either way I’m looking forward to seeing what other crazy concepts the author brings into this series. I’m also hoping for a little bit of romance! I can feel the tension building but nothing is happening! Maybe next book!


“There were always people who struggled their way to the top of the heap, no matter how much that heap looked like garbage when seen from the outside”

4  out of 5 stars

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