Review: Deceptions (Cainsville #3)

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Review: Deceptions (Cainsville #3)Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong
Series: Cainsville #3
Published On: August 2015
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Faeries, Mystery
Maturity Level: Adult - sexual content & violence
4 Stars
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Olivia Jones is desperate for the truth. The daughter of convicted serial killers, she has begun to suspect that her parents are innocent of their crimes. But who can she trust, in a world where betrayal and deception hide in every shadow?


Liv does have one secret weapon: a mysterious sixth sense that helps her to anticipate danger. The trouble is, this rare power comes with its own risks. There are dark forces that want to exploit Liv's talents - and will stop at nothing to win her to their side.


Now Liv must decide, before it's too late. Who does she love? Who is really on her side? And can she save herself without burning down everything that matters most?

Initial Thoughts

I always have high expectations going into Kelley’s books. How can I not?

My New BFF

I love Olivia every time I read about her. She never stands by and accepts what’s happening. She’s always fighting and searching to find out more about a situation. I also love how unfazed she is about her “destiny”. She knows she gets to pick her own life and she fights for that right. I love that about her! She’s really an inspiring female lead.

My Crush

Gabriel gets hotter and hotter every book. I’m a little tired of waiting for him to make a move though. This is probably the slowest relationship ever. I didn’t mind at first but now I’m getting a little annoyed. I do admire his dedication to Olivia though and that he respects her decision to be with another guy. That’s very sweet of him and I hope he has a good ending.

Writing Style

Kelley always writes fantastic stories and this was no exception. I did end up giving it five stars because I found it slow and a little boring. There wasn’t as much action as there usually is. I feel like this book is more of a filler book that leads up to an epic ending. Even if it is I was still a little disappointed with how it turned out.

Closing Thoughts

I hated how disappointed I was with this book. I was expecting so much more and I felt like it fell a little flat. I just found the plot wasn’t as intense as the other books. The action wasn’t really action it was just visions. Everyone knew it wasn’t real so it didn’t feel very epic. It’s hard to explain really unless you read it. I do think it’s still worth the read because my expectations are still high for the ending of this series!


“Cwn Annwn,” I said. “I think I’m finally pronouncing that right. Welsh. So many letters. So few vowels.”

4  out of 5 stars

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