Top Ten Authors I Quit Reading

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I’m not sure I can make it to ten on this one! I don’t have that many disliked authors or anything really! Here we go:

162085Sarah Shepard – Her Pretty Little Liars series is getting way too long and boring for me. I’ve been done since book 7. Not interested.
Megan McCafferty – I HATED her Bumped series. There’s no coming back from that one.
Stephanie Meyer – She got too overhyped and I lost interest.
Lauren DeStefano – I could not get into her writing style. It was weird for me.
Lauren Oliver – Not a big fan of her writing style either. I also really hated how her Delirium series ended and that stopped me from reading anything else.Delirium
Alyson Noel – Not a big fan of her. Her immortals series was too typical and couldn’t keep me interested enough to read more of her work.
L.J. Smith – I used to love her! But now she has other writers finishing her series and I’m still waiting for Night World 9 to come out. I don’t want to read an author who doesn’t finish her series.
WakeLisa McMann – Wasn’t really a fan of her books. Didn’t care for the characters and the plot was boring.
Cassandra Clare – I’m getting tired of her. She’s pushing her series too long when she should be stopping them.
John Green – I just don’t like his work. I mean I’ve only read Paper Towns but if all his books are like that then I’m not interested.

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25 responses to “Top Ten Authors I Quit Reading

  1. aentee @ read at midnight

    I have never even attempted to read works by most of these authors, but seeing that you don’t like them, I feel proud of my life choices, hehe!

  2. I love Lauren Oliver’s writing. SO MUCH. But I can never get into her stories, except for a select few. Vanishing Girls is one of my favourites from her. As for the others on your list, I haven’t read anything from them!

  3. I haven’t finished Delirium yet, but I was already annoyed with the second book. Now I’m starting to wonder whether I should even bother with the last one.

  4. Great choices! I agree with you about Sara Shepard, well, I quitted the PLL series much after you, and I’m still wondering if I should read the ending…but just out of curiosity. I was quite bothered that it just dragged on and on and ooooooon, haha!
    You can check out my TTT if you have time πŸ™‚

  5. I’d say give John Green another chance. I read “Paper Towns” and didn’t like it, but I thoroughly enjoyed both “The Fault in Our Stars” and “An Abundance of Katherines”.

    • I watch The Fault in our Stars movie and I know it’s different but I didn’t like it at all. To predictable. He’s not going so good with me haha

    • The ending was horrible. It literally just ended in the middle of a war like thing. We don’t see the outcome or anything. It was terrible. Not worth reading.

  6. After the Twilight series I never picked up anything by Stephanie Meyer! And I’m not sure if I will pick up another John Green book in the future. As for Cassandra Clare, I’m sad to see you giving up on her. I love her writing and the stories she weaves and am currently going to be reading the rest of the Infernal Devices trilogy this month!

    • I liked that trilogy a lot more I think. I just found Mortal Instruments went on for so long and then I read the Bane Chronicles which was just boring. I’m not sure what else she can do with that world.

  7. John Green, Cassandra Clare and Lauren Oliver are also in my list. JG’s books are all the same, I’m getting tired of all the milking CC has done to the cash cow, and LO… I just don’t like her style, as you. The other ones… I haven’t read them, lol.

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