Intro to Paranormal: Books to Get you Started

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It’s kind of fun thinking back and seeing what book first started my love of a genre. There’s a lot of people who are tired of the whole vampire phase so I avoided any vampire books, mostly because I got tired of them a while ago. These are the books that first got my into paranormal and supernatural books. I’ll forever love them!

Middle Grade


The Kiesha’ra series: Not a very well known series but it’s what first got me into paranormal. There’s five books and they’re all pretty short but very interesting. I loved reading them when I was younger because they had so many different things in them! I had never read a book about shapeshifters before and I fell in love easily.

Young Adult


Syrena Legacy: This was a really, really easy series to read. The characters were easy to like and the plot was simple and quick. Plus there were mermaids. Those helped. I haven’t read much for mermaid books but this was the book that started my love for them. Who knew mermaids could be so cool when written this well?


Lux series: Anyone who’s read this series has fallen in love with it. It might not be the most unique story in the world but it’s captivating. The characters will draw you in and keep you there while the plot will continue to throw twists at you. It’s a good book to start with because the aliens are very human like and will be easier for a new paranormal reader to wrap their heads around. An addicting series though so watch out!



Women of the Otherworld series: I generally find adult paranormal books to be a little too hard to read but this is my all time favourite series. Everything is so simple while still being unpredictable and entertaining. I love the relationships between all the characters because they’re always so complex and complicated! You won’t find any love at first site or love triangles here! It’s another series where the paranormal creatures are very humanistic so it’s easier to read about and relate to them.


Mercy Thompson series: I would say this is my second favourite adult paranormal series. I seem to have a thing for werewolves. The main character, Mercy, is a really easy character to love. You’ll enjoy following her around on her adventures and watching her bad luck hit yet again. She’s the main reason why I fell in love with this series and I know you will too.

Graphic Novel


Saga: Maybe you’re not up to a full novel quite yet. Start with a graphic novel and ease yourself into it! This was my first time reading a graphic novel at all and I’m glad I picked it up! There’s so many cool supernatural elements in this book and you get to see them with the beautiful illustrations! Warning though: there’s nudity and sexual content so if that bothers you don’t pick this one up.


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  1. Paranormal is one of my favourite genres. Sometimes it gets a bad reputation, but it’s my guilty pleasure, especially paranormal romance. I have only read the Lux series from your list, but I would totally agree with that one. I binge read that series in a few days. It was so good. I think I saw Poseidon on BookOutlet for really cheap a while back. I should check to see if it is still there. I am currently reading The Goddess Test series. Have you read that one? It’s not a blown me away type of book, but I can’t help but love it.

    • I have read that one! I liked the beginning but the ending wasn’t all that great for me. Loved the idea but was sad it wasn’t executed quite right. I also really love mythology books so I just had to read it haha maybe intro to mythology will be next!

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