Review: The Princess Diaries (Princess Diaries #1)

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Review: The Princess Diaries (Princess Diaries #1)The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot
Series: The Princess Diaries #1
Published On: June 2001
Genres: Middle Grade, Contemporary
Maturity Level: MG - no sexual content or violence
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She's just a New York City girl living with her artist mom…

NEWS FLASH: Dad is prince of Genovia. (So that's why a limo meets her at the airport!)

DOWNER: Dad can't have any more kids. (So there's no heir to the throne.)

SHOCK OF THE CENTURY: Like it or not, Mia Thermopolis is prime princess material.

THE WORST PART: Mia must take princess lessons from her dreaded grandmère, the dowager princess of Genovia, who thinks Mia has a thing or two to learn before she steps up to the throne.

Well, her father can lecture her until he's royal–blue in the face about her princessly duty—no way is she moving to Genovia and leaving Manhattan behind.



I love these editions. I made sure to get these ones specifically because I love how simple the covers are.

Initial Thoughts

I was fully expecting something young and fun for this book. I’d seen the movies but heard that they were quite different from the books.

My New BFF

I liked Mia a lot in this book. I think it’s funny that she was told she’s a princess and she doesn’t want that life. Most teenagers would be thrilled I think. She’s a lot younger than I thought she’d be though and it shows in her personality. I’m hoping she grows up pretty quick or else she’s going to get a little annoying. I do love how dramatic she can be sometimes. It can be pretty funny.

My Crush

There wasn’t many guys in this book so I didn’t have time to crush on anyone. I’m hoping for more boys later on because I can only imagine how Mia will interact with them.

Writing Style

I think the characters are the strong point in this book. The plot was a little predictable (could be from seeing the movie though) and it could be a little boring sometimes. It was really funny though so that seemed to have made up for it. The characters all have really big personalities which I think will be great in the future books.

Closing Thoughts

I was expecting a much more serious book but instead it turned out to be pretty fun. I thought the diary format worked well in this situation because Mia is a hilarious narrator and seems to elaborate on the funniest things. I’m hoping the series does get a little more serious though because I’m really excited for what happens when she becomes queen. I can’t wait for that book!


“Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something is more important than fear; The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.”

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