Lunar Chronicles Read-Along: Comparing Cinderella & Cinder

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TLC readalong

I was supposed to have the whole month to re-read Cinder but of course I finished it in a day. Oh well! I can still participate by doing the extra post ideas! This post is all about comparing Cinderella and Cinder. Cinder is obviously a retelling of Cinderella but there’s still lots of differences. Here’s what I noticed during my re-read.


Names: First of all, the names. It’s pretty obvious that Cinder came from Cinderella. I kind of like it though! It’s a good name for her character I find.

Family: Cinder is in the same family situation as Cinderella. She’s adopted by her “step-mother” who isn’t actually her step-mother but she calls her that. Also Cinder has two sisters, once who is super mean like her step-mom and one who’s really sweet. I’m glad that difference was in the book because I thought it made for a much better story.

The Prince: You can’t have a Cinderella retelling without a gorgeous prince. I’m a huge fan of Prince Kai. I think he’s the perfect character to take this series farther. He’s going to be a big part of the ending of this series.

The Ball: I was most excited for this part of the book. Who doesn’t like a romantic ball?! This one didn’t quite turn out the way Cinderella’s did but it was still a big part of the story.

The Shoe: Or well foot. Did I mention that Cinder is a cyborg? One of her many robotic parts is her foot. Which happened to fall off at the end of the ball. Clever right?


Family: Like I said before, there was a nice stepsister who was actually a great character.

Friends: Cinderella was all alone with nobody to talk to but Cinder had an android that she talked to often and actually has a great personality.

Story: The plot is similar to Cinderella while still being very different. It’s not your typical fall in love with a prince and go to the ball to fall in love. There’s so much more going on. Mainly a lot of politics because the Moon is threatening with war. That’s right, people live on the moon. That’s a pretty big difference not to mention the androids and cyborgs.

Characters: There’s so many more complex characters in Cinderella. There’s the doctor, Iko the android, and the lunar queen. There’s so much more detail in these characters!

Politics: Cinderella is a romantic story about a girl and a prince. Cinder is about a girl who befriends a prince who is trying to avoid a marriage and a war. That’s a little bit different than Cinderella.

Anything else you guys noticed about this book? Let me know below!


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