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I saw a fantastic post over at Read at Midnight (that you can see here, please go check it out!) about something called the Book Trend Burnout. I’m sure a lot of you can figure out exactly what that it but for those who can’t it’s basically when you get tired of seeing the same trend over and over again in books. You get it? Can you relate? I’m sure we all can because there’s tons of trends that just won’t go away!

Do you ever avoid books because you see something on the back cover like “For lovers of Percy Jackson” or “The new Harry Potter”. I know I’m guilty of comparing books in my review but once I see it printed on the back cover somewhere I usually think twice about picking it up. I don’t want to read 20 different versions of Harry Potter. It’s already a story and I loved it. Now it’s time to move on to new things.

Previous Trends

These are some trends that I’ve noticed, mostly in the young adult genre because that’s what I mostly read. Can you identify with any of these?

– The Twilight Era: I’m sure a lot of you remember this period of time. All of a sudden everyone who had never picked up a book in their life was reading this one. I don’t even know what was so special about it in comparison to some other books. Either way it started a trend of vampire series which I’m still a fan of when done right. Twilight, Vampire Academy, House of Night, Morganville Vampire, etc… All series that took the vampire trend too far for me. This phase was far enough away that some authors are taking it in a different direction. Recommendation: Bloodlines

– Young adult dystopians: This is one that I know I’m getting tired of. I have yet to find a dystopia book that isn’t the same as all the others. The plot are always something like: 1.Crazy government 2.Female main character gets sucked into the government somehow 3.Main character doesn’t like how everything is run 4.Main character starts a rebellion 5.Lots of fighting 6. Main character wins. Sound familiar? Hunger Games, Divergent, Uglies, Matched…etc. All those books follow the exact same pattern. I know I’d like something a little different. Recommendation: Red Rising

Current Trends

– The John Green Effect: There’s so many books now categorized as sick-lit and they’re all aimed towards really young kids. I’m getting really tired of seeing book where the main character wants to do a bunch of things before they die. That’s not a fun book. It’s sad and quite annoying actually. I don’t find any of those books very realistic to be honest. A lot of these books involve falling in love quickly or sex or lots of bad language. Suicide is also another topic trending. I want to read a book to escape reality and have fun. not to fall to pieces because everyone is dead from cancer. The attitude in these books are so casual. Terminal illnesses, self-harm, suicide, rape, and even murder are all trending right now in young adult and middle grade books. I think that’s pretty horrible. Will children grow up thinking these thing are ok or normal? Maybe if you were reading these books as a group it wouldn’t be so bad but giving a 12 year old one of these book to read alone and they might start to self-harm too because it’s in the book and it’s popular.

– Female characters who can’t do anything / Female Characters in general: I don’t know about you guys but I read A LOT of books with female characters as the lead. I don’t know if that’s just me or if authors just aren’t using men as their main characters! That makes me sad. I love reading about female characters but I also love seeing how the guys act too you know? Also I’m really tired of the female characters that don’t do a single thing and just wait for a guy to come along and help. That drives me crazy.

– Love Triangles and Instalove: I have a love/hate relationship with both of these. I’m a little annoyed with love triangles right now because it’s always really obvious who the main character is going to pick. An example of a good love triangle (so far) is The Kiss of Deception where nobody knows who’s going to end up with who. Instalove is something that I’m ok with when it’s done right. I’m not a fan of the “OMG I love you so much let’s get married and have babies” sort of instalove. More so an insta-attraction that turns into love if that makes any sense.

– The Never Ending Story: Can we PLEASE have a limit on how long series go! PLEASE! A story without an ending isn’t a very good story at all! Sure you can have long series like Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series, but keep it interesting and plan an ending! One series that really bothers me is the Pretty Little Liars series. I thought I was done with it and then the author released more books! Also House of Night is one that’s getting way too long and I can never remember what happened in the previous books.

Last thought: Are we getting tired of all these trends? Or do authors keep writing them because they’ll always work?


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9 responses to “Discussion: Book Trend Burnout

  1. Great topic, seriously I think these trends are getting very overrated. Ha, the Twilight phase!

    The “John Green effect”. Yes I agree that some books are naturalising things that shouldn’t be naturalised such as self-harm and suicide. However I think most books try to open our eyes to the fact that its an issue in our society right now.

    Yes! We need more male leads! I suppose if you read a novel written by a male author, you’d encounter male leads more frequently.

    As for instalove and love triangles? Most I dont mind, some I even enjoy, unless they are truly ridiculous or unneeded.

    • The John Green effect has positive and negatives things attached to it I think. I personally hate reading books like that because I find a lot of kids hear days threaten the whole suicide thing because they’re looking for attention and not actually mentally sick. I feel like these books are just encouraging that sometimes. It depends though for sure.
      And I do need to read books by male authors more!

    • Good point about the male leads! I at least like when the books have dual leads/perspective. Like I recently read These Broken Stars and Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner, and Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. They have the book split between the female and male leads. I like that. The 17 year old girl perspective can get old lol

    • I was going to add those!!! But I thought I had a lot already there haha. I’m ok with the zombie effect right now though ;p but the chosen one thing is getting a little annoying haha

  2. Yes! Some of these trends are awful, and some authors don’t even TRY to be new/interesting, they just copy/paste the whole concept. The one annoying me most, currently, is the Love Triangle in YA books. Mostly because its just so overdone. But also because I feel like its a cop-out because the author can’t think of any other way to add tension to the romance element that lasts 3 books. Like they can’t think of anything else that might stand in the way of the couple getting together, so they just think “I know, lets add a third wheel to spice things up.” One of the things I liked about the Under the Never Sky trilogy by Veronica Rossi was that she found other obstacles for the couple to overcome, and kept the tension of “will they get together or not” without a love triangle. The triangle DOES work sometimes, like in Hunger Games, because who she picks as more to do with how much what she has gone through has changed her. Like before she went through all of that she would have picked one, but after going through those ordeals she was a different person and so of course chose the other person. Ugh love triangles lol!

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