Best Books Set in a Foreign Country

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I’ve recently been reading a lot of books set in different countries and I thought I’d share them with you. I know not every reading this lives in Canada, so I’m going to avoid books that take place in the U.S since that’s the most popular setting. You all understand what I mean. Here’s a short list of some cool places I got to visit through books.

Tigers Curse


The Tiger Saga starts off in the U.S but quickly turns into a huge tour of India. It’s very cool.



The Heroes of Olympus series also starts off in the U.S but the later books take place in Europe. There’s a lot of Greek and Roman influence in this series.






Another one that once again starts in the States (see a pattern?) but the second book, Shadow of Night, takes place in Europe. Mostly France I believe.



Finally! A book that doesn’t start off in the U.S. This one is about the future Helen of Troy before she became famous. Another one that takes place in a few different places in Europe.



Here’s a fun one! The Kane Chronicles is all about Egypt! It’s tons of fun to read about.



For those who aren’t Canadian, The Birth House is a historical fiction book that takes place in Nova Scotia, Canada. Very close to where I live!



The Kite Runner takes place in Afganistan mostly and then moves to the U.S. It’s a great read for anyone that likes historical fiction.



Another historical fiction! I’m sure you’ve all seen The Book Thief around. It takes place in Germany during the war and is one of those books that makes you think a lot.



And finally, the Paper Gods series takes place in Japan. I read this one recently and I had tons of fun learning all about their culture.

Any recommendations? My list is still pretty short.


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      • Oh, thanks! I have my eye on the Tiger’s Saga! And I’m making a mental note about Ink (the cover looks so pretty!). The Book Thief and The Kite Runner are long on my list, but I cannot make myself to pick them up.

  1. I want to read Ink, it looks really cool! As far as recommendations go, have you read Maureen Johnson’s Shades of London series? They weren’t set in a foreign country for me, since I live in the UK, but they would be for you. The reason I thought of them is because the main character is from the US, so she notices all the cultural differences and stuff.

    • That sounds great! Thanks! And Ink is really good. I finished the whole series in a week because I just couldn’t stop! She’s writing a new series too 🙂

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