May: Monthly Wrap Up

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I did good this month! I actually got a chance to read a decent amount. I’m very proud of myself. Hopefully I can keep it up.

Three Exciting Things that Happened Last Month

  • I finally finished all 10 seasons of Criminal Minds. Started it in January and finished in May. But I did it!
  • Started my work term. Last couple of weeks left until I graduate!
  • Summer has kind of ish started here so I’ve gotten to enjoy some sun. Can’t wait until it stays out longer.

Three New Obsessions

  • The Mindy Project. I started it like 2 days ago and I’m already obsessed. It’s hilarious.
  • Contemporary. As soon as summer comes I start craving some contemporary.
  • The Body Shop. I’m just loving how good my face feels now.

Books I Read

  • The Walking Dead Vol 10
  • The Walking Dead Vol 11
  • Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom (does this count?)
  • The Golden Lily
  • The Indigo Spell
  • The Diviners
  • Choker
  • Saint Anything

Total: 8

New Books on My Shelves

  • Saint Anything
  • The Golden Lily
  • The Indigo Spell
  • The Fiery Heart

Additions to my TBR

  • Mrs Marvel
  • Millie Marotta’s Tropical Wonderland
  • The Fill in Boyfriend

Favourite Quote Last Month

“Because I can’t help doing it,” he said with a shrug. “And hey, if I keep loving you, maybe you’ll eventually crack and love me too. Hell, I’m pretty sure you’re already half in love with me.”

I just love Adrian. Everything he says is fantastic.


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