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I know everyone reading this loves to buy books. Seriously though, who doesn’t? Today I wanted to talk about where you buy books and if you look for deals.

I mostly buy my books online but sometimes I’ll look around in my local thrift stores. Where I live there’s only a chapters where you can buy new books plus stores like Walmart and Target that sell a few. Not much of a selection so I turn to the online stores. Amazon is always a good place to go look and Indigo is good for preordering books.

But where do you guys go to get good deals?

I want to introduce you all to the online bookstore where I spend the majority of my money. It’s called BookOutlet and there’s an American site and a Canadian site. What is it? Well first of all go check it out right now! It’s an online store that sells NEW books for CHEAP. That’s rightly folks. You can get a popular hardcover books for $5 sometimes less! Crazy huh? And they have sales every week! Sales on already cheap books! It’s fantastic! Plus they have just about ever genre of book. Right now the sale they have going on is buy on get one free kids educational books. Go check it out here. There’s a lot of titles (3000+). They also have a 50/50 sales every week which is 50 books 50% off. This week it’s romance!

Serisouly guys. Because I love you all, and I want you to all have a great experience buying books, I encourage you to go check out their website. I’ll be posting every week telling you all about their sales that week so you guys can get a good idea of some of the stuff they have going on. I’ve had nothing but good experiences shopping here!

Look! Here’s the sale:

bogo kids educational


Happy reading!


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  1. Since I don’t have a lot of money to spend most of the time, I don’t really do big hauls or anything like that, but I’ve bought off the book depository quite a few times now, no complaints. Because I live in The Netherlands, Amazon is off limits to me cause I can’t actually pay for the things I want cause no PayPal (boo!) and bookoutlet would probably get pricey, I haven’t checked yet. It’s a tough book reading world for me!

    • I know! Basically if you don’t live in the states be prepare to spend all your money on shipping. It’s kind of sad. I’m glad that living in Canada means I have access to amazon and things but holy jeez shipping is expensive! I open up several different sites all at once to compare every single price. It’s complicated!

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