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I found this TAG on Bookables YouTube channel. It was created by misskaelyn also on YouTube.

I though a summery tag would be fun since it’s starting to get really nice over here! I’m seeing a lot of sun! Also TAG’s are really fun because they’re different but still about books.

Summer Books

1. What book cover makes you think of summer?

the moon and more

Pretty much anything by Sarah Dessen but this one especially.

2. What book has brightened your day?


This was a sad yet happy book. The ending was really inspiring and made me really happy.

3. Find a book with yellow on it.

eleanor and park

I just recently read this book so I think it’s appropriate.

4. What is your favourite summer beach read.

Honestly anything by Sarah Dessen. Her books are just so fun and light. She’s the author that really got me into contemporary when I was younger. Very inspiring.

5. What action book has you running for the ice cream man?

saga vol 1

I just finished this graphic novel and holy geez there was a lot going on. I loved it!

6. Sunburn. What book has left you with a bad/painful ending?


I loved the ending to this book but it was crazy painful to read. I literally had to take breaks to calm down.

7. What book gave you a happy feeling when it ended?


I loved the ending to this series. It was beyond perfect.

8. What book cover reminds you of a sunset?


Just all these colours remind me of a sunset.

9. What is one book series you hope to read this summer?

pushing the limits


I really want to read the Pushing the Limits series by Katie McGarry. I’ve heard lots about it and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

I tag everyone who reads this to do this tag! It was lots of fun and made me happy because summer!


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