Top Ten Blogging Confessions

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As always, this meme is hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish every week so go check them out!

This weeks’ topic is:

Blogging Confessions

1. I want to make blogger friends but I never have enough time to comment on everyone’s posts. I’m a busy girl I guess.

2. I’ve been wanting to start a YouTube channel for my blog but I’m nervous I’ll be terrible.

3. I sometimes hate getting free books to review. Sometimes they can just be really bad. But I feel bad judging all of them. I’m trying to be better.

4. I feel like my reviews all sound the same. I have a basic pattern that I follow but they all look the same to me. I get bored of my own reviews.

5. I wish I had more followers and could really interact with them. I see all these blogs that host giveaways and have cool post that so many people comment on and I’m jealous. I know I’ll probably get there but I’m impatient.

6. I feel like a sucky blogger sometimes. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of writing. But I love to read book so much and I just want to share all my thoughts on them with other people. I know have a lot of friends who read either so I guess this is my only chance!

7. I’ve never sent a review request to a publisher before. I’m not even sure how to go about it.

8. I don’t usually read author interviews because they all talk about the same things. That’s why when I do an author interview I try to ask unique questions about them and not necessarily their books.

9. I keep saying I’m going to design and create my own blog theme but I never get around to it.

10. I feel like I’m too harsh on books sometimes. But sometimes they’re just terrible. I should probably be nicer though. Oops.

Do you guys share some of these confessions with me? I hope so! Let me know!

Happy reading!


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27 responses to “Top Ten Blogging Confessions

  1. Designing your own blog theme sounds hard but really cool. Sometimes it’s hard to get the time for these things though.
    I always want to comment much more than I get the time for. Also sometimes I write something and the host site logs me out and I get frustrated and get off the net rather than typing the reply up again and trying again.

    • Making my own theme wouldn’t be hard since I have all the education for it haha. But it’s time consuming since coding can be hard.
      And that sucks haha. I save so often it’s ridiculous!

  2. I definitely share some of your confessions! I loved reading them. I often see bloggers that get on SO well and I wish I had some more people like that. The bloggers that I collaborate with is my sister and my good friend in real life, so that doesn’t count!

  3. Oh my goodness we share a few confessions! I want to make blogger friends too, but just never comment on others (which I’m working on) and I get jealous of other blog sites as well!
    As for your Youtube channel I say go for it! You’ll never know how you’ll be until you try 🙂

      • Aww that would be awesome. I had a book blog and then I decided that I wanted one that wasn’t strictly for books (but it will probably end up that way haha), so I started a new one, so it only has one post, but I hope it’s not too bad.

      • You’ll get there! WordPress just reminded me that I’ve been blogging for a whole year. When I think about it I did pretty good. I’ve got over 300 posts and more than 200 followers. In one year! It’s crazy! But these book memes really help bring in more followers.

      • I have my weeks haha. Sometimes I don’t post as much as I should but you can schedule your posts to come out on a later date which helps. I’ll have a good day and write like 8 reviews.

      • Woah! I had no idea you could do that. See I love reading, but I read fairly slow unless a book is completely amazing and grabs my attention right off, but most of the time it takes me a couple weeks to finish, so all I get to do is one review at a time.

      • That’s ok because there’s lots of other things you can post. You can do lists like this, discussions, and even tags are really fun. Basically anything that comes to mind.

      • It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s usually a list of fun questions or something and you tag other blogs to do it too! I’ve done a zombie apocalypse tag and a summer one. If you scrolls done on my blog some you should find one. It’s mostly YouTubers that do them but I think they’re fun so I do them too haha

      • No problem! I’m also thinking of starting a book club too, probably with some other blogs. I’ll keep your name in mind! It could be fun!

  4. One reason I don’t really request books, even on Netgalley, is because I also don’t like giving them bad reviews! I try to be very picky about what I ask for and only look for books I think I really will like. I also haven’t asked publishers for books before. I just have enough to read already!

    Sometimes I worry my reviews sound alike too, because I focus on the same things in books. I think everyone has certain things they really like (maybe they read books for plot, maybe they don’t care about plot that much if the characters are interesting, etc.) so that focus will always be in their reviews. Though I did write a post about keeping books reviews fresh recently.

  5. I want to do the whole YouTube thing, too. I’m also nervous that I’ll just be terrible. If you want to send review requests to publishers, go to NetGalley. They have a service where publishers put books they want reviewed, and you can request them!

  6. You should totally send a review request if there is one you want to review, I’ve done it lots of times with publishers and even authors, just e-mail them, no biggie! The ones I have send e-mails to were all super nice 🙂

  7. They’ll always be individuals that dislike a certain book. And hey, if they’s you then that’s okay–I’m sure there are others who will like what you couldn’t! And as long as you’re not attacking the author (even if it might sound like you are since you’re chirping their work) honesty and full transparency should do more good than bad, I’d say.

    With youtube (or booktubing) and receiving advanced review copies, I think it’s just taking the initial step and once you get over that hurdle…I’m sure it’ll be a cake walk!

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

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