Review: Just a Touch (The Triad #1)

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Just a Touch – Brittany DeLys

** I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. **


All Arianna Shae wants is to get out of Bakers Ridge and away from everyone who knows everything about her. Beginning her senior year, she sees her moment of escape getting closer and her spirits begin to rise, that is until he arrives and her life takes an unexpected turn.

As a Guardian, Chase Melina has always known what he was meant to do: protect the Chosen. Sent out on his first assignment, he’s struck with the feeling that all is not what it seems. As strange things begin to happen, he becomes even more determined to keep his protégée safe, especially after seeing what she can do.

When their worlds collide Chase and Arianna must fight for their lives. Through torture, escape, new relationships, legends, and even death they are determined to find out the answers to the questions revolving around their destiny and ultimately fulfill a prophecy that could save them all.


Honestly, this cover makes me cry. It’s pretty bad, no offence to whoever made it, but it’s a little creepy. I’m a big fan of never judge a book buy its cover but that’s the biggest reason why I’ll pick up a book. The cover has to be decent at least for me to even look at it. The title might sound weird before reading it, but it’s actually pretty clever now that I’ve finished the book. Props for that!

Initial Thoughts

The introduction was a little weird. It was the main character, alone in the woods and then it flashed back a couple of days to why she was in the woods. I feel like that part was a little unnecessary and could have been left out all together. Besides that, the rest of the introduction wasn’t bad. It was a little creepy that Chase was following some girl around and nobody knew why, including himself.

My New BFF

Jade was pretty cool. She’s only about 13 or so but she’s pretty tough for her age. I love how funny she was and always said the best things. She was also really brave and could knock out a full grown man. Pretty impressive I think.

My Crush

Chase was probably the only important guy character. There were the bad guys and the parents but you didn’t see a whole lot of them. Not that I’m complaining, Chase was enough for me. He was a little slow sometimes and he probably could have avoided his whole situation that he got in but he was really good at surviving out in the woods and he can really fight. I enjoyed being in his point of view more than Arianna’s. He was a lot more entertaining, but he was a typical guy at some parts.

Writing Style

The writing wasn’t perfect but it was still really good. The plot moved along at a good pace but it was the characters that made me only give it four stars. There was just something missing I thought. Maybe a braver heroine? Maybe the dialogue could have been a little less formal sometimes? Maybe all of the above? Who knows. All I could tell was that it just didn’t get me hooked as fast as some of my favourites have.

Closing Thoughts

At the end, I really did enjoy reading this book. I’m excited to read the next one! The story was a little simple at times which could be the reason it didn’t completely blow me away. They get kidnapped, they escape, all is well. Not really my kind of story. I did like the world that the author created and I liked the idea of the prophecy and how they have to find all these kids to fix the world. It was a cool idea, I just wish the author would have expanded some more. This could have easily been a much longer book and been wonderful at the same time.

I was a little upset with the romance between Chase and Arianna. There should have been a lot more spark in their relationship I think and it just wasn’t there. It’s almost like they’re just dating for the fun of it. I was also a little disappointed with Arianna because she was a little too perfect for my liking. She did exactly everything her parents told her, she did all of her homework, she even went to church. I was hoping for a slightly more badass heroine.

4 out of 5 stars


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