My Favourite BookTubers

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My Top 5 Favourite BookTubers

A little while ago I discovered the world of BookTube. I didn’t know it existed! But once I started watching, I got sucked in and now I can’t stop. So today I’d like to share with you my favourite booktubers and why I love them.

1. The Readables

I love her so much! She’s really down to earth and fun. I feel like I can relate more to her because we’re both from Canada and both graphic designers. That just makes me so happy! She also has a written blog that’s really cool too.

2. CozyTeaReads

She’s so cute that I can’t help but get excited when she’s talking. We also read a lot of the same books.

3. Bookables

She’s a little bit older then the other two but I like her for that because I get to see a different perspective. She also has a written blog where she posts longer reviews and fun things!

4. Little Book Owl

She’s a lot of fun and finds some really cool tags every once and a while.

5. Padfootandprongs

As you can see she’s a huge Harry Potter fan which just made me love her more.


Those are some great BookTubers that I love to watch. What are some of your favourites?



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12 responses to “My Favourite BookTubers

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m going to take some time later to check these videos out properly. I’ve never really checked out any Book tubers yet so I’m interested to see how they are.

    I used to make youtube videos myself on a totally different topic (japanese pop culture). But I’ve been thinking of starting back up again with another theme or topic. I’ll see. =)

    • I’ve been thinking of starting like a companion channel to this blog. I think it would be pretty fun but I’m not really sure where to start yet.

      • You could jump right in! Just make like a video version of what you would normally blog about and post it. You don’t necessarilly need any big introductions or anything.

        Just an idea of course. I don’t know if you want to do something slightly different but in the end ties in with your blog. I say play! We do this blogging thing for fun right?

      • Exactly! I was thinking of starting with a giveaway that you have to like my channel to enter. That way I get some followers starting out. Then I’d do book tags and lots of fun things! Bookshelf tours are fun and little mini reviews!

  2. Kat from Katytastic is one of my go-to booktubers for pretty much everything. Lots of content, her shelves are gorgeous, she’s so passionate and energetic and funny.

  3. I haven’t checked out any booktubers yet, so I appreciate the recs! Love that there’s so many ways to share our love of books. Thanks for this great resource 🙂

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