Recommendations: If you liked Divergent

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Friday Recommendations

I haven’t done one of these in a while because I haven’t read anything new. Now that school has gotten less intense I had some time to actually read a book. I recently finished Red Rising by Pierce Brown (A review will be up next week) and loved it.┬áIt reminded me of a lot of dystopia books, Divergent being the most popular.

I’m going to recommend some great dystopia books, both with male and female leads. Also something common in most of these books are the use of classes of some sort. Here’s my picks:

If you liked Divergent… Try


The Maze Runner

This book is an excellent dystopia and features a male protagonist.


The Hunger Games

If you haven’t picked this one up, what are you waiting for? It’s a dystopia with lots of fighting and the population is divided into districts which are classes.


Red Rising

This was an amazing and fresh dystopia book. Nothing has been written quite like this before. It has a male lead, lots of Hunger Games style fighting and they use colours as classes. Go check this one out.


The Moon Dwellers

I really enjoyed this book. There’s a male and female protagonist and also three different classes of people.

The Moon Dwellers

What are your favourite dystopia books? I love the genre and am looking for recommendations myself! Also check out my Dystopia shelf on GoodReads right here.

Happy reading!



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