Q is for Quick

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(quick): that is over or completed within a short interval of time

This doesn’t mean I only read short books under 200 pages. No. I want to pick up a book that has 900 pages but I want the author to make me feel like it wasn’t long enough. I want them to make me want even more. I want to be so stuck in a world that I don’t even realize the book is done. Yes sometimes this makes me sad because I don’t see the ending coming, but it’s worth it in the end.

One thing I don’t like about a book being quick, is that sometimes the romance can be rushed. I don’t want things to actually be quick. I want them to feel quick. Like an imaginary quickness. Do you know what I mean? Maybe I’m completely crazy as I’m writing this but it’s something that’s common in all my favourite books.

Here’s some books that I found quick:

  • City of Bones – Cassandra Clare
  • The Moon and More – Sarah Dessen
  • Sweethearts – Sarah Zarr
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty – Jenny Han


What are some books that you zoomed through? Let me know!!


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