O is for Originality

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(o·rig·i·nal·i·ty): ability to think or express oneself in an independent and individual manner; creative ability.

I bet you all saw this one coming? I’ve talked about it in pretty much every post so far because by having all the other qualities I’ve talked about, makes it original. This is probably the quality that I HAVE to have in a book. If it’s not something new and different I’ll get bored immediately and put the book down. That’s not something I want to do though. I want to finish every book I start and I want to love it. Obviously that doesn’t always happen  but I hope for it every time I pick up a new book. Also it’s nice when the author’s writing is original too.

Here are some really original books:

  • House of Leaves
  • The Maze Runner
  • The Girl of Fire and Thorns

All these books were excellent reads and really brought something new and fun onto the table.


What do you guys think? Let me know below!

Happy Reading!


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