L is for Learning

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(learn·ing) the act or process of acquiring knowledge or skill.

Nobody likes reading a book where you know EVERYTHING that’s happening. Unless you’re re-reading something. But seriously. I need to learn a little bit about something in a book for it to keep me interested. Even books in fields that I’m pretty good in always teach me something new. It’s just way more fun to read something new than something you already know about, right?

Here are some great books that I learnt a lot in.

  • Seraphina
  • Secret Circle
  • Heroes of Olympus


 In Seraphina, there was a whole new world I got to learn about. It was really cool and I enjoyed it a lot. In the Secret Circle series there was a lot of witch stuff that you got to see. There was a lot about semi precious stones and what they meant to witches and all those sorts of things. It was actually really cool. In the Heroes of Olympus and even the Percy Jackson series there was a lot of Greek Mythology. I knew enough about it but there was some new stories I got to see.

What books did you learn a lot in? Let me know!


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  1. A good book definitely taches you something new. I think even bad books let you in on something you didn’t know before. Although it will always be more enjoyable reading something entertaining than something you have to force yourself to read.

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