F is for Fresh

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(fresh)new; not previously known

That definition got it exactly. Not previously known. I known I’m a reader that tends to stick with the same kinds of books but I do love some new ideas. Who doesn’t though? Nobody wants to read the same book in a bunch of different ways. I’m definitely drawn to books where the reviews say they’ve never read anything quite like it. That’s something that gets me interested right away. Sometimes a new idea isn’t always great though. The other qualities have to apply too.

Here’s some books that I thought were REALLY fresh ideas:

  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
  • Omens by Kelley Aremstrong
  • Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Home for Children by Ransom Riggs


What books do you guys recommend that are really fresh? I’d love to try some out!


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  1. The ‘Out of Time’ series by Monique Martin it’s a series of 6 books based on time travel. Not something I thought I would like but they are really great! I am on the last of the 6 books!

  2. I recently finished Life After Life – that was interesting and thought provoking. Reminiscent of the Time Traveller’s Wife, but not exactly like it. Certainly worth reading.

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  3. Miss Peregrine was great! I just finished it last week and I am getting the sequel asap. I’m sure Omens is amazing, I got it signed by Kelley Armstrong but I haven’t read it yet. The other books sounds really interesting too, I’ll check it out. 🙂

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