E is for Enthusiasm

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(en·thu·si·asm): absorbing or controlling possession of the mind by any interest or pursuit; lively interest

Readers can tell when an author isn’t enthusiastic when they’re writing. It makes a big difference. When an author really, really wants to be writing and they’re excited about a book, their audience gets excited too. Maybe it’s just me that feels this way, but I think this is a huge selling point for me. I’m not going to enjoy a book if the authors tone is boring or you can tell they don’t want to be writing. It’s not even just in their writing either. When an author is on Facebook or Twitter promoting their book and being really active with their fans, I have a tendency to remember those authors more than others.

Here are some authors that I find are really enthusiastic:

  • Patricia Briggs
  • Kelley Armstrong
  • Julie Kagawa
  • Sarah Dessen

Those are just a few that have stuck with me recently. I see their names everywhere.


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7 responses to “E is for Enthusiasm

  1. Nice choice for the letter ‘E’ 🙂 I agree, you can definitely tell when an author has lost their spark-this seems to happen a lot in series, when you can tell that the publisher is trying to milk a cash-cow series but the author is getting bored with it and wants to move on.

  2. I can’t imagine an author not being enthusiastic and continuing to write, although I know it happens. We’re so lucky to be doing what we do! I can say that some authors, especially those who are really prolific, can probably get burned out and maybe be rushing to get books in on deadline, but that’s a shame if it comes to that. At some point those writers need to slow down and take a look at why they’ve chosen this career!

    • Some writers get pushed into a contract I think and are scheduled to write like 4 more books from the same series. I love long series but a reader can tell where the author planned for it to stop.

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