Review: Oracle of Philadelphia by Elizabeth Corrigan

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Review: Oracle of Philadelphia by Elizabeth CorriganOracle of Philadelphia by Elizabeth Corrigan
Series: Earthbound Angels #1
Published by Red Adept Publishing
Published On: March 2013
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Angles/Demons
4 Stars
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I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Carrie works at a diner in South Philadelphia, dispensing advice to humans and angels wise enough to seek her counsel. But there are some problems that even the best advice can’t solve.

Her latest supplicant, Sebastian, is unique among those who have sought her aid. He sold his soul to a demon in exchange for his sister’s life, but his heart remains pure.

Carrie has lived for millennia with the knowledge that her immortality is due to the suffering of others, and she cannot bear to see another good man damned when it is within her power to prevent it.

In order to renegotiate his contract, Carrie must travel into the depths of hell and parley with the demons that control its pathways. As the cost of her journey rises, Carrie must determine how much she is willing to sacrifice to save one good soul.


Initial Thoughts

I’ve read books about angels and demons before and I really enjoy them. I was looking forward to reading this book. I was a little confused at the start because there’s a lot of flashbacks in this book. I got a little lost as to what stories were in the present. It became clearer as I got through more of the book though.

My New Best Friend

I love Bedlam. He was entertaining and hilarious. I especially loved that even though he was a demon, he wasn’t a bad guy. I loved how enthusiastic he got when he talked about something. He just kept talking and talking. I also really liked his relationship with Carrie. Plus he wanted to go cow tipping.

My Crush

I think I’m going to have to pick Gabriel for this one. We didn’t see as much as him as I would have liked though. I wish he was a more important character. He was great though. I loved how innocent he was. Even though he’s like a billion years old, he was still only good. It was pretty cute.

Writing Style

The writing was really good in this book. My only complaint was that it was kind of rushed. It was a short book and I felt it could have been longer and more things added in. Everything else was great though. It definitely had a different feel to it which I really enjoyed.

Closing Thoughts

As I was finishing this book, I realized that I really did enjoy it. It took a little while for me to really get into it at the start but once Sebastian came back into the story it really picked up. I found I was a little bored at the start because of all the flashbacks and I was hoping that wasn’t all the book was. Eventually, the story stayed in the present and it got more interesting. I liked seeing the different demons in their realm. I wish we could see more of the angels next time. I really liked how the angels we did see weren’t perfect and they had their own annoying qualities.


I loved the little table at the front of the book showing all the angels and demons. It was really cool.


“Of course, I had promised Gabriel that I would never separate my soul from my body again. But then, I wasn’t some angel, to put a centuries’ old promise ahead of doing what was right.”

4  out of 5

About Elizabeth Corrigan

Elizabeth Corrigan has degrees in English and psychology and has spent several years working as a data analyst in various branches of the healthcare industry. When she’s not hard at work on her next novel, Elizabeth enjoys singing, reading teen vampire novels, and making Sims of her characters.

She drinks more Diet Coke than is probably optimal for the human body and is pathologically afraid of bees. She lives in Maryland with two cats and a purple Smart Car.

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