My New Review Method

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Hello all!

I’ve decided to change up my review method and make it more organized and easier to read. I’m going to start having a few different categories. So far I’ve decided on:

  • About the book (obviously) – everyone needs a quick description of the book before reading on.
  • Initial thoughts – my thoughts on the cover, summary and the first couple chapters.
  • My new best friend – my favourite character from the book who I would be best friends with in real life.
  • My new crush – same idea except probably a male character.
  • Writing style – this is an important aspect for me. I can’t stand certain types of writing and I know other people don’t too.
  • Closing thoughts – my thoughts as soon as I finish the book.
  • Bonus – any bonus thoughts I feel the need to share.
  • Quote – I already do this one and I think it’s fun so I decided to keep it.

That’s pretty much it. I like having things really organized and this way people can read what they want to know about the book. Maybe they don’t care about my initial thoughts but they want to know about that characters. Well now you can do that!

If you guys have any other categories to add or you think I should take something out, let me know below! It’s you guys that I’m aiming to please.



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      • Thanks, I do mine in a different way, I write a general overview, then write a step by step overview, what I though at each 10% or 50pages, helps me remember what I was thinking. I am too unfocussed to a review like yours, although I do like readind them 🙂

      • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy them. 🙂 I really enjoy yours too! I’m trying to be better at writing my ideas down in a little book every couple of chapters or so. It helps me remember exactly what I was thinking.

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