Cast in Courtlight (Chronicles of Elantra #2) – Michelle Sagara

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Cast in Courtlight – Michele Sagara

pub – 2006

About the Book

In Elantra, a job well done is rewarded with a more dangerous task. And so, after defeating a dark evil, Kaylin must enter a place of deceit and treachery. A world where silk and jewels hide deadly secrets….

Kaylin goes before the Barrani High Court, where a misspoken word brings sure death. And Kaylin’s never been known for her grace or manners. But the High Lord’s heir is suspiciously ill and Kaylin’s healing magic is the only shot at saving him. If she manages to dodge the traps laid for her.

 Only to discover that the healing might turn out to be the simplest of the tasks before her…. (

Initial Thoughts

My initial thoughts for this one were pretty neutral. The first book in the series was pretty good and my expectations weren’t too high but I was hoping for something awesome.

My New Best Friend

I’d love Teela as a best friend. She’s really awesome. I’m honestly not the greatest fan of the main character. She’s not the smartest and is a little slow sometimes. Which is why I’d have Teela as a best friend. Plus apparently she goes out drinking a lot and drives like a maniac. Sounds like a good time.

My Crush

I LOVE Severn. He’s slightly mysterious and is always calm. I don’t know how he does it. He always does what’s expected of him and is a pretty badass fighter. nothing wrong with that.

Writing Style

The authors writing isn’t too bad but it could be way better. The plot can sometimes be a little boring and technical, especially in this book. The writing itself isn’t up to the highest quality but there’s nothing specifically wrong with it. It’s basically an average read.

Closing Thoughts

After finishing this book I wasn’t happy or sad. I personally prefer books that make me feel something. This one just ended and I put it down and picked up something else. It didn’t leave me wishing it wasn’t over. The court aspect of it was kind of tedious at times so it was getting a little boring, especially because the first book had some action. That’s not saying it was a bad book, just not my favourite.


Nothing special really caught my attention in this book except the idea of it. It could have been so much better. Also there was a cool dragon introduced.


“Success and failure are two edges of the same blade, two sides of the same coin. To fear one is to forever deny the possibility of the other.”

3 out of 5


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