Showcase Sunday #4

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I don’t always do Showcase Sundays (Books, Biscuits, and Tea), but this week I actually bought some books. Go me! I’ve got a couple categories this week. Bought, library and iPhone.

Here’s the books I got from the library recently.


We’ve got:

  • Fever – Lauren DeStefano
  • Taken at Dusk – C.C. Hunter
  • Sea Glass – Maria V. Snyder
  • Night of the Wolf – Alice Borchardt

I also Have The Lightning Thief: Graphic Novel too but it’s not in the picture. There’s a review coming up for that one soon.

Here’s the books I bought recently.


There is:

  • Bone Crossed – Patricia Briggs
  • Silver Borne – Patricia Briggs
  • Emma – Jane Austen
  • Moon Called – Patricia Briggs
  • Iron Kissed – Patricia Briggs
  • The Odyssey – Homer

And here’s the books I got on my iPhone recently.

  1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carol
  2. Awaking by Madeline Freeman
  3. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
  4. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
  5. The Ghost and Th Graveyard by Genevieve Jack
  6. Bet in the Dark by Rachel Higginson
  7. Forbidden by Amy Miles
  8. Threads of Chaos by D.L. Miles
  9. Shadeland by D.L. Miles

All those books were free ebooks by the way. Pretty good deal.

So that’s my haul, probably for the next month. Hopefully there will be a good stack after Christmas. What have you guys bought recently? Let me know!


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