Wishlist Wednesday #2

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Time for another Wishlist Wednesday! Originally by Pen to Paper!

Basically every week you post about a book that’s been on your to-read list or wishlist for a while.

This week I’m going to choose:

Hexed by Kevin Hearne



This is the second book in the Iron Druid Chronicles. I’ve read the first book and I really, really enjoyed it so obviously I should move onto the next. Except my library doesn’t have the next one and I’m not up for buying it any time in the future so I’m just waiting it out. I don’t usually read books about guys because it’s easier for me, a girl, to relate to girl characters. This book was really cool though, especially since it’s an adult fantasy book and not a young adult. Big difference. I’m thinking that I’m going to love this book as much as I loved the first. This could potentially become a favourite series once I get around to reading it.


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