Showcase Sunday #1

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Hello all! How are you guys?

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately. Summer is over and it’s back to school! Which means, unfortunately, homework is my first priority. But I promise I will post when I can!

So I’ve recently found this Showcase Sunday thing on Books, Biscuits, and Tea. I thought it looked like fun so I’m going to try and do it every week!

For those that haven’t heard of it, every Sunday I’m going to post some pictures and stuff of what books I’ve purchased that week or gotten from the library, etc. It’s going to be lots of fun!

So these are books I bought recently. I spend a lot of my money on books.Image

We’ve got:

  • A Song of Ice and Fire 1-4
  • Percy Jackson 1-5
  • Gone
  • Eve and Adam

I just started reading Percy Jackson but other than that I haven’t started any of these.

On to library books! Only a few left!


There is:

  • Alice in Zombieland
  • Storm Glass

I’ve also got Caressed by Ice but it’s not in the picture.

As for E-books I haven’t really been using my e-reader a whole lot lately. I go through phases with it. I did buy The Transfer ( A Divergent Story) for my iphone. Which I will review soon!

And that’s all for this week! Next week I probably won’t have as much because I need to read the ones I have.

What did you guys buy this week? Send me some links!


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  1. Ahh so many good books!!! I bought a Game of Thrones book myself this week but I haven’t started the series yet. I don’t even own all the books yet and it’s taken up an entire row on my bookshelf!!! I have all the Percy Jackson books ready to be read on my Kindle too :3 Hope you enjoy all your books!!

    ~ New follower ~

    Here’s my SS 🙂

    Laura @ What’s Hot?

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