My August Reads

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Hello all. I’m doing another post about what I’ve read this month so maybe some of you can get some ideas on what to read next! I reviewed most of these I think and those I haven’t I’m going to review as soon as I can. Here you go! 13 books this month!Image

  1. Wake – Lisa McMann
  2. Ruby Red – Kersten Gier
  3. Seraphina – Rachel Harkman
  4. Awake at Dawn – C.C. Hunter
  5. The Goddess Inheritance – Aimee Carter
  6. Exit Strategy – Kelley Armstrong
  7. Tiger’s Quest – Colleen Houck
  8. Monsters of Men – Patrick Ness
  9. The Lost Hero – Rich Riorden
  10. Sapphire Blue – Kersten Gier
  11. Wither – Lauren DeStefano
  12. The Elite – Kiera Cross
  13. Made to be Broken – Kelley Armstrong

That is quite the list this month. I’m doing the 2013 reading challenge on GoodReads again this year. For those that don’t know what it is, you pick a goal amount of books you’re going to read in a year. Last year my goal was 100 and I read 103. This year I moved it up to 115 and I’m at 93 so far. I had a lot of spare time this summer though so I read a lot of books. We’ll see how far I can make it this year!

I just finished reading the first Percy Jackson book today, a review while be up soon, and I’m going to try and finish the series as soon as I can. I’m also finishing up the Tiger Saga and working on The Heroes of Olympus series. Reading that one and Percy Jackson is a little confusing and I should probably wait but I’m too impatient. I’m also waiting for Gone and The Rising from the library so I can finish up those series too. I hate having too many series on the go so I try to finish them as soon as I can. A couple new ones I’m going to start are Loki’s Wolves by Kelley Armstrong (if you’ve never read anything by her go read something right now) and Alice in Zombieland. I have a huge list of books to read but I’m trying really hard to stick to a couple series at a time because it’s getting really confusing.

Also October is going to be a good month for new releases. Anyone else as excited as I am for Allegiant?

Happy Reading!



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