Top Ten Tuesday

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Brought to you by: The Broke and the Bookish

Today’s topic is:

Top Ten Things that make my life as a blogger better/easier

This could be a tough one for me since I haven’t been blogging too long. I’ll give it my best shot though! Enjoy!

  1. The library – I love the library so much! I can’t afford to buy every single book I read and my library is for the entire province which makes it even bigger! I don’t know what I”d do without it!
  2. Other blogs – I get lots of inspiration from you bloggers too!
  3. Goodreads – This is the best site ever. If you read lots of books and are always looking for more recommendations I suggest you sign up free! Here!
  4. Author websites – When an author doesn’t have a website if turns me off big time. I like to know things you know?
  5. Newspaper sites – I like reading up on book news and sharing it with you guys too!
  6. Facebook/Twitter – I follow a lot of authors on facebook and even Twitter. They share lots of great updates like new releases and book signings.
  7. My book friends – I love getting recommendations from people! I love talking to people that love to read just as much as me!
  8. Lists – I have like 50 lists on books I need to write about, news topics, things to improve etc.. I’d go crazy without them.
  9. My local bookstore – I love that I can pre-order books and they come right to my house! Also a shoutout to Amazon because they do the same thing plus have amazing deals!
  10. My laptop – I wouldn’t get anything done without it!

What do you guys think? Any other bloggers out there that agree? Let me know below!

Happy reading!



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