Design Services

I’ve gotten some requests for blog graphics and to make it easier for everyone I thought I’d post some general prices. Do message me though because I can bundle some things together for you and make it work.

Prices are all in USD (If you live in Canada though, let me know, everyone else should use USD). I accept Paypal payments and email transfers if you’re in Canada.

Blog Design:

Blog Header & Logo: $35
Social Media Buttons: $10
Blog Button: $10
Featured Image: $10
Post Divider: $5
Signatures: $10
Rating System: $10

Print Design

Business Card (1 side): $20
Business Card (2 sides): $35
Bookmark (1 side): $20
Bookmark (2 sides): $35
Stickers / Pins: $5
T-Shirt (depends on the design): $30

(This does not include printing prices but I’d be happy to recommend places!)

Blog Design Package (includes header, logo, social media icons, background, signature, dividers): $50

Ultimate Blog Design Package (includes all of the above plus help with organizing and arranging your theme. This means that if you have a theme purchased then I will add in your custom header, social media icons, etc and add/help you with any widgets you’d like and installing of your theme) $100

If you want to bundle different items please let me know and we can work something out together! Don’t be shy to send me an email or tweet!

Please include a link to your blog when emailing me!