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What Should Be On Your Sidebar?

What Should Be On Your Sidebar?

Hello lovelies! Have you ever been working on your blog and ever wonder “should I put this on my sidebar?” I know I’ve asked myself that question a lot. Even Google doesn’t really give you the answers you need. So for today only, I’m becoming your magical sidebar fairy who is here to help with all your questions! What should be on your sidebar? There’s a few “must haves” that I think everyone should have on their sidebars. One thing that I think is really important (though not everyone chooses to have one) is the about me section. It’s an easy […]

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A to Z Challenge: Reflections

After finishing the A to Z Challenge every year, they encourage us to do a reflections post. I think it’s a great way for newbies to learn how to make the challenge easier and it will hopefully encourage new people to try the challenge next year! Here’s what I thought about the challenge this year: What I Learned This Year There’s so many other cool blogs that aren’t in your genre People are really creative when thinking up themes. Someone posted cross stitch patterns of Supernatural characters every day. How cool is that?! This year I tried to pick books […]

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A to Z Challenge: Zombieland

This is it guys! We made it through the whole month of April! Congrats to those of you who participated in the challenge for the whole month and for those who gave up mid way check out the reflection posts that we will all be posting to learn some tip and tricks for finishing the month. I’m proud of all of you! For those of you who weren’t participating but only following along then thank you so much for sticking with us! I’m even thinking that I might have a monthly feature to introduce you all to even more artist […]

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A to Z Challenge: You Poisoned Me by PiegonandtheRaven

This is another series that I LOVE but there’s hardly any fanart. It’s also not a hugely popular series I don’t think but I’m not sure why because it’s amazing. It’s about a girl who is the taste tester for the king just in case he gets poisoned. Sounds interesting right? You should pick it up right away.

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A to Z Challenge: Winter & Selene by Taratjah

Time for another piece from one of my favourite series! Can you guess it? It’s a dystopian fairy tale retelling and parts of it takes place on the moon! I especially love this piece because it shows what happened before the books. Also it’s just plain adorable.

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A to Z Challenge: Victoria Ying – Rhy and Kell

This is a newer series that has become quite popular. It’s all about the idea that there are parallel worlds and few people can jump through to them. The whole parallel worlds thing is really popular right now and mostly for a good reason because they can be really fun to read about. Plus every author has a different twist on it that makes it way different from all the others. Can you guess which book I’m talking about?

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A to Z Challenge: Siege and Storm by Ana

I’ve seen a good amount of fan art for this next series but this piece really caught my eye. It’s not a drawing exactly but more of a sculpture made with paper. This paper drawing trend has been getting bigger lately and I think it’s really cool! It’s not something I would ever have the patience for so I love looking at what other people have made. Check this out:  

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