Reading List: Non-American Young Adult Authors with English Books

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Hello lovelies! I recently had a conversation on Twitter about diverse books. There’s now lots of lists and people talking about them which is great! I’m struggling though. There’s a lot of lists with authors who are Asian-American or Hispanic-American or any other diverse combination with the word American. Seriously! I tried googling something along the lines of “young adult books by Asian authors” and 90% of the lists that came up were Asian-American authors. That’s great and everything but I’m really trying to read books that don’t have anything to do with America this year. It’s just a personal goal I’ve been working on because my past reading lists have been mostly full of American authors and settings.

That’s where this list comes in! I’ve been doing lots of research and even asking people who their favourite non-American authors are. Since I’m from Canada I know quite a few Canadian authors but there’s still so many I don’t know! I’m going to be adding to this list as I discover more authors and books so please let me know if there’s any I should add. This list here is specifically for young adult books/authors (I’m hoping to make a middle grade and new adult one if I can!).


Alwyn HamiltonRebel of the Sands

Amanda SunInk  |  Heir to the Sky

Cate CameronCenter Ice

Catherine LoHow it Ends

Danielle L. JensenStolen Songbird

Danielle Younge-UllmanFalling Under  |  Everything Beautiful is Not Ruined  |  Lola Carlyle’s 12 Step Romance

E.K. JohnstonA Thousand Nights  |  Exit, Pursued by a Bear  |  That Inevitable Victorian Thing  |  Ahsoka  |  The Story of Owen

Emily CarrollThrough the Woods

Erin BowThe Swan Riders

Kathleen PeacockHemlock

Kelley ArmstrongThe Gathering  |  The Summoning  |  Sea of Shadows

K.M. Breakey – Johnny and Jamal  |  Creator Class

Michelle SagaraCast in Shadow  |  Silence  |  Into the Dark Lands

Morgan RhodesFalling Kingdoms  |  A Book of Spirit of Thieves

S. K. Ali – Saints and Misfits

Tanaz BhathenaA Girl Like That



Golda MoweIban Dream

K.H. LimWritten in Black

Padma VenkatramanIsland’s End  |  Climbing the Stairs  |  A Time to Dance

Rin ChupecoThe Bone Witch  |  The Girl From the Well

Sungju LeeEvery Falling Star



Ameera Al HakawatiDesperate in Dubai

Anne-Laure BondouxThe Princetta  |  The Killer’s Tears  |  A Time of Miracles  |  Life as it Comes

Kersten GierRuby Red  |  Dream a Little Dream

Kirsten BoieThe Princess Plot

Krystyna KuhnThe Game: The Valley

Ineke HoltwijkAsphalt Angels

Maria TurtschaninoffMaresi

Mathias MalzieuThe Boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart

Mats StrandbergThe Circle

Mechthild GläserThe Book Jumper

Na’ima B. Robert – She Wore Red Trainers  |  Boy vs Girl  |  Far From Home

Peadar Ó GuilínThe Call  |  The Inferior


Australia / New Zealand

Andrea K HostStray  |  And All the Stars  |  The Silence of Medair  |  Champion of the Rose

C.J. DugganThe Boys of Summer  |  Paradise City  |  Paris Lights

Ellie MarneyEvery Breath

Esther DalsenoDrown  |  Gabriel and the Swallows

Juliet MarillierDaughter of the Forest  |  Wildwood Dancing  |  Shadowfell  |  Heart’s Blood

Marianne CurleyThe Named  |  Old Magic  |  Hidden

Melina MarchettaFinnikin of the Rock  |  On the Jellicoe Road  |  Saving Francesca  |  The Piper’s Son

Paula WestonShadows

Randa Abdel-Fattah – Does My Head Look Big in This  |  Ten Things I Hate About Me  |  Where the Streets Had a Name  |  When Michael Met Mina

W.R. GingellTwelve Days of Faery  |  Spindle  |  Playing Hearts  |  A Time Traveller’s Best Friend  |  Lady of Dreams


South America

Isabel AllendeCity of the Beasts

Rita BranchesPainting Sky  |  Under a Million Stars



Mkama MwijarubiTreeland

Multiple AuthorsIt Takes Two (edited by Ross Haden)   |  Follow the Road Fisher (edited by Maire Fisher)


Authors I’m Not Sure Where to Put But Aren’t American

Tanaz Bhathena – A Girl Like That

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6 responses to “Reading List: Non-American Young Adult Authors with English Books

  1. Danielle L. Jensen (“Stolen Songbird” …) is also Canadian.

    Kirsten Boie (“The Princess Plot” …) is from Germany. Her work is technically Middle Grade but it’s right on the uppercusp of it. It has a YA feel.

  2. This is an awesome list you put together. I’m American but I definitely want to branch out and read from different cultures. Way to be a research champ!

  3. This isn’t YA, but Anuja Chauhan’s ‘The Zoya Factor’ is a fun read! Also I’ve heard about, but not read, The RunHideSeek Trilogy by Gabby Tye. The former is from India, and the latter from Singaore.

  4. I believe Lesley Livingston (Wondrous Strange trilogy) is Canadian, although that series was set in New York. Kit Pearson and Charles de Lint would make my Canadian list, too. I also read a book a few years back called The Lake and the Library that I really enjoyed. It’s by S. M. Beiko, another Canadian, and it’s set in rural Manitoba, I believe. Unusual for a YA paranormal!

    One of my all-time favourite YA books is Tiger Moon by German author Antonia Michaelis. Another one you can add to your list!
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