Book Review: Fusion (Razia #4)

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Book Review: Fusion (Razia #4)Fusion by S. Usher Evans
Series: Razia #4
Published by Sun's Golden Ray Publishing
Published On: February 2016
Genres: New Adult, Sci Fi
Maturity Level: adult - some sexual content and violence
5 Stars
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Lyssa Peate has everything she thought she ever wanted. She's finally earned the respect of her fellow pirates, she's got a finger on the pulse on her scientist life, and she's got a core set of friends (and more-than-friends) that have her back. But deep down, she knows none of this goodness will last. And when she finds out a life-changing secret, she wonders if this is the end of her good life.

Piracy is a game. How do you win?

Fusion is the fourth book in S. Usher Evans' Razia series. Grab the first three books - Double Life, Alliances, and Conviction - and "get sucked" into this fun space opera series.

Fusion is the conclusion to the Razia series (fear not, there’s short stories too!) and it was exactly as good as I thought it was going to be. There’s something about this series that makes me unable to put it down. Something different and special. Maybe it’s because I’ve read nothing like this before or maybe it’s just super awesome. I think it’s most likely a mixture of the two.

Razia has finally grown up in Fusion. She doesn’t have much of a choice because **SPOILER** View Spoiler » **END OF SPOILER** This makes it so she has to start getting it together and start trusting people. There’s a decent chunk of Fusion where Razia gets into a big fight with basically everyone and that’s what it takes to get her to finally understand how annoying she’s being. It was a big realization for her and I loved it.

This guy was absolutely, unequivocally, no-holds-barred in love with her.

Can we also talk about how amazing Sage is in Fusion? Like he really steps up to the plate here. I think it was really nice seeing a male in his position because they’re so often in the reverse. He also got much more patient and calm even though his world was also going crazy. Also he is perfect and can do no wrong in my eyes. He’s actually the perfect book boyfriend.

All the other characters are great too I swear! Lizbeth was badass as always and Vel was his adorable self. We even got to see more of Razia’s older sister (who I also loved, naturally).

Besides the characters, the plot was lots of fun too. There’s lots of crazy stuff going on with the pirates as always and Razia is still trying to be the best bounty hunter possible. It’s more exciting than what I just made it sound like but I desperately don’t want to spoil anything because it’s better to find out for yourselves.

This was a wonderful series that I immediately got sucked into and even now that I’m finished I can’t let go. It’s perfect if you prefer older books but still like younger characters. Fusion is perfect for the sci-fi loving adult who likes complicated romances to spice things up!

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