Book Review: Conviction (Razia #3)

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Book Review: Conviction (Razia #3)Conviction by S. Usher Evans
Series: Razia #3
Published by Sun's Golden Ray Publishing
Published On: October 2015
Genres: New Adult, Sci Fi
Maturity Level: adult - violence and sexual content
5 Stars
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Razia is in trouble. Captured by a fellow pirate, she now finds herself back on probation with a bounty worth zero credits. In the cold reality, she begins to question herself and everything she has been working towards all of her life--and what she's willing to do to reclaim her glory.

Conviction is the third book in the Razia series.

Piracy is a game. What do you stand for?

This series just keeps getting better the more I read which was exactly the case with Conviction. As much as Razia drives me crazy, I also really love her. I love all the characters honestly. They all have such different personalities and they’re hilarious when they interact together. That’s probably my favourite part of the whole series. I like how there’s these little bits of humour even when we’re in the middle of a really intense scene. It makes the story a lot easier to read.

Speaking of story, I especially liked the plot in this book. Razia starts slipping up and ends up getting caught which really sucked. It sucks more because everyone still thinks she’s incapable of being a pirate because she’s a girl. She starts to really question herself in Conviction which is sad but pretty accurate. I really love that she’s struggling with these issues because it makes it feel closer to the real world. It’s also really nice that there’s a character like Lizbeth who doesn’t care what people think and will make people earn her respect.

“Stop making excuses for people treating you like shit. Demand respect and you’ll get it.”

We also get to see more Sage in this book (yessssss!) which I am VERY thankful for. I love him so much. We’re even seeing some more of Lyssa’s family drama which I also love. Basically what I’m trying to say is that this was a really great third book and it added a lot to the Razia series. I’m heading into the last book right away because I can’t wait!

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