5 Countries I’m Dying to Visit

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This year, I’ve been doing my best to read books that aren’t set in the US. There’s so much more of our world out there that I want to get to know but can’t right now because it gets expensive to do those things. There are also countries¬†that I want to visit because I’ve read about them in books and wouldn’t have thought to visit them otherwise. I wanted to share five of the countries I’m dying to visit¬†with you all just in case you fall in love with them just as easy as I do.


My love for Japan started after reading the Paper Gods series by Amanda Sun. She described modern day Japan so that you would be crazy to not want to visit. There was also a good chunk of mythology in that series as well which only made me want to visit more.


India was never really a country I thought I would want to visit but once I read the Tiger’s Saga by Colleen Houck I added it to my list. It’s just something about all the bright colours, gorgeous architecture, and rich mythology that draws me in.


The birthplace of Harry Potter, how could I not want to visit? England has been on my bucket list since at least high school. It’s always been high up on the places I want to visit only partially because of Harry Potter. It just seems like a beautiful place and all the old architecture and Victorian styled buildings would be amazing to see.



I think I’ve wanted to visit Greece every since I saw Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants as a kid. I loved the beautiful homes and all that gorgeous water. I’ve always been big into mythology too and Greek seems to be the most popular place for mythology so I think it would be really cool to visit all those monuments and cities I’ve heard about.


Spain is one of those places that I want to visit because of all the architecture. I can’t help but love the style of their older buildings and I think it would a great vacation.

That’s it! Those are only a very small amount of countries I’m dying to visit. Reading books only seems to make my wanderlust even worse and researching even more so. Everyone always says “one day I’ll go” but I’m determined. One day I really will see ALL the countries I’m dying to visit.

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